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Watching the romance of American Republicans and Donald Trump reminds me of the times when our daughters would be dating someone we knew were totally wrong for them, but were equally aware that we could do nothing except help pick up the pieces when it was over. A slow motion train wreck.

Son in law dropped D1 off to a ladies party on one side of the city, then dropped our Son off at a Bachelor’s party on the other side of the city. After they all had left home I discovered that both D1 and Son had left their phones at homes, so I had to play phone tag as D1 and Son phoned home of borrowed phones to coordinate pick up times with SIL, who drove back and forth across the city. I opened a bottle of white.

HE Who Never Shuts Up at work has resigned as his Daddy got him a new job – he realised that he was expected to do actually work each day. I wonder if he senses we are all pretending to be sad that he is leaving. Everyone is silently dancing in the aisles.

Been overdosing on The House of Cards. It’s like watching the evil brother of The West Wing and I love it.

I just ate the last of the cookies and cream ice-cream and didn’t share it with Mr FD. I was the one who spent the day with 3 year old Petite Fille while her mother (D1) partied, and her father drove across the city playing chauffeur. Some things Grannies earn.

Did anyone tell Jerry Hall that Rupert Murdoch’s mother lived to be 103? I hope Jerry doesn’t plan on a short wait for the inheritance. His kids must be glad that at least with this wife their shouldn’t be any more kids to add to the will. Yes, cynical is my second name.

I have a sinus headache. Has anyone ever died of a sinus headache? Could I die from a sinus headache? I am going to die from a sinus headache aren’t I? Remember me.

Do we really have to have an opinion about everything today?

Teachers aren’t allowed to staple students heads are they?

Apparently some kid solved the Rubik’s cube in 4.9 seconds. I haven’t been able to solve it in 40 years, even with the cheat sheet. Damn kids these days, got to ruin everything.

It’s autumn but autumn doesn’t appear to know that. It was 33C today. I want some chill. I need to chill out. This hot, summer gig has grown old.

And I have already had two colds this summer. I hate summer colds. Everyone treats to as though you are some freak of nature, getting a cold in summer. Like I chose it or something. I suspect that I am going to continue catching cold germs as long as Petite Fille is in the house as she is on two week cold rotation herself. I am too old for this.

Nine days of term one left. Yay. Then right after the Easter weekend I am flying to Western Australia to spend time with Peppercorn who is three months old already! She started swimming lessons this week. She is three months old. She cried half way through but I think that is a pretty good effort for 12 weeks on earth! We are giving the Rio Olympics a miss, but Tokyo 2020, be there or be square! Oh hang on, I think you have to be 16 years old to be eligible for the Olympics. Yeah, well, we will get back to you.

I had to make a swimming pool for Petite Fille this afternoon. We made it out of two purple shawls. It was a hard landing, but damn it looked good. Especially as one shawl had embroidered flowers . Tres belle.

Why does the first two thirds of the toothpaste tube disappear in two weeks and the last third take three months to use?

My son in law purchased under arm deodorant for me today. Have we now crossed some boundary that we don’t want to know about? He’s a good son in law but perhaps now I have to kill him.

Do you think it is time I decided what I want to be when I grow up?










10 thoughts on “Flamingo Files

  1. Hey don’t worry, I just ate the last of the Sticky date jce cream straight from the tub! And didn’t feel the least bit guilty. And my toothpaste has nearly run out. No fun in growing up!


  2. I think it is fine to staple notes and classroom announcements to a student’s head. It is not okay if you are just stapling the head out of irritation.

    The Republican infatuation with Trump is horrifying, but they may do whatever they like as long as it doesn’t result in a shotgun marriage for all of us. The more recent news reports of Trump egging on his supporters as they beat up protesters and anyone else they happen to dislike at his rallies makes me wonder if we aren’t de-evolving into apes.


  3. Love the Jerry/Rupert comment. Made me laugh. Good for you with the ice cream. From another who can’t do the Rubik’s Cube…Oh and we are having whacky weather here too. Winter….almost Spring and 72 degrees????


  4. I hope your sinus headache is better and I’m sure you didn’t die from it. (Sure hope not, anyway!)
    I kept my grandson overnight this weekend.
    Raising babies is definitely for the younger-than-me! 🙂
    I love love love the name Peppercorn.


  5. We had snow and Good Friday now looks like Christmas. It was spring 24 hours ago.
    My dentist recently told me that some of the roots of my teeth reach my sinus area and that explains why the sinus pressure does wrestling tag team with teeth.

    Thanks for dropping by my Implied Spaces blog. May the Flamingo be with you. 🙂


  6. I had a coworker who’s son could solve a Rubik in something like 7 seconds. But he felt inferior because his friend could do it in slightly less time while blindfolded. There must be some practical application for such skills but they elude me.

    Yeah… I’m pretty sure sinus infections feel like death so…
    I’ll let you staple students if you’ll let me kick coworkers.


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