Easter, teeth, trump and the anti-christ.

tea and pearls

Breathing space, today, Good Friday and the first day of two weeks of term break. Assignments have been marked, so nothing hanging over my head; though I will do some work over the break as I am covering a colleague’s ICT class while he is on four weeks long service leave and need to refresh my knowledge of coding, and I want to prepare a few library projects for the start of term. Not a busman’s holiday; a teacher librarian’s holiday!

Major catastrophe in Petite Fille’s world last weekend when she face planted into the end of her bed and pushed a front tooth back. The screams of pain were horrendous we were told, but Mr FD and I asleep at the other end of the house slept through the whole drama.  Real wood doors! When I arose, her Mummy, Daughter 1 was trying to find a dentist open on a Sunday morning. Eventually they found one about an hour and a half drive from our Village, but it was worth it as he deemed the damage was less than feared.

My new information for the week was that if a tooth is pushed back more than 3mm or interferes with the bite, the dentist will remove it. Petite Fille’s was less than 3mm. Her gum turned black and blue, and her face was bruised around her mouth and she barely ate for a day or two, but is now declaring it “a little better”.

One issue that upset D1 was that when she rang the Children’s Health Line, that they appeared to be taking data as though she was a child beater rather than a distressed Mum. They also did nothing to assist her in finding a dentist or any medical help. We have access to the internet and strong information skills so solved our own problem, but a lot of other people would have been left feeling isolated and anxious to say the least. Sometimes, the government is such an ass.

Governments being asses just made me think of Trump and the horror of the world having to deal with such a bully. My hopes are with the democrats in that they can mobilise more people to vote in November and nip the Trump Terror in the bud. I have heard the word anti-christ used in the same sentence as the word Trump more than once lately.

Oh, that might have been me.

9 thoughts on “Easter, teeth, trump and the anti-christ.

  1. poor little girl. hope pf recovers quickly.
    Tru.mp is following in the path of many shady men. He preaches to the lowest and most ignorant, promising the world but at a price. Scary days.


  2. I prefer to compare Trump to Hitler.. very similar risings. My new question is: To all those people who say that if they could go back in time and kill Hitler before he rose… well?? Here’s your chance! (I am very much afraid it may be the only way to stop him from becoming President as there seem to be a LOT more supporters out there than I ever could have guessed – which indicates that there is a LOT wrong with our country)


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