fish sticks and evilosity


A student of Torres Strait Islander descent was explaining to the assembly that each Torres Strait family is given a totem. A totem is a natural element that they must respect and care for in their culture. Her family, she shared, were given the shark as their totem.

All I could think was that she had better not eat fish fingers (fish sticks) then, as they are reputed to be really shark fish.

I know, evil. I am evil.


3 thoughts on “fish sticks and evilosity

  1. Really?!! I was told—assured, in fact—that US fish stick manufacturers use haddock. I suspect strongly however that monkfish, a rather ugly-looking specimen, is in the fish sticks served at the school cafeteria where I work. Sharks are considered an endangered species in some parts of the world because of the shark fin soup market, but I can’t imagine they taste very good. They look tough and full of gristle.

    My mother’s family crest/symbol is the wisteria, a lovely but invasive and messy plant. They can damage a house with their heavy, massive tendrils. I wonder what that says about my maternal roots. :-/


    • Sharks are not endangered in this region! Been a numb of attacks on swimmers around the country but I blame the humans for going into their environment.
      We had a wisteria growing at a house where we once lived – had to prune it hard each year or it would grow into guttering etc. gorgeous flowers but hard work!


  2. I think it is romantic to have a family crest/totem. Is it possible to start one now and hope that it will carry over to the future generations (assuming my kid gets over her “I will never have babies” opinion)? If so, my family crest will surely be an ass (the animal, not backside, although backside is pretty tempting too)

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