not being able to see the trees for the trees

garden wise

When my blood pressure sank to 90 over 60, I sat on the kitchen floor and waited to black out, but I didn’t and eventually made it to my bed. I have struggled with high blood pressure for years and in recent weeks    I have been prescribed a new medication regime. Obviously, it worked too well!

I am going through one of those health episodes where lots of niggling issues come together to make life less jolly and more uncomfortable. A shoulder issue means if I raise or stretch my arm too much I experience crushing pain; blood pressure out of control. Sigh.

The last few days of the working week witnessed me absent from the workplace and journeying back and forth to my doctor. I am not sure how much rest I am getting, with a three year old in the house, and tree loppers working in the yard to remove a number of trees.

tree loppers

The tree men, are back today, removing a number of ugly palm trees that are too much work with their habit of dropping fronds continually. Palm fronds are too fibrous to mulch and so have to be carted away, more money. Disappointing also, because when we lopped the native trees we were able to keep the wood for our fire and mulch everything else to put back into the garden. I try to salve my decision to remover the trees with the knowledge that we will be planting more suitable native trees, smaller trees, in their wake.  Any garden requires regular maintenance and renewal.

We are also trying to remove issues that will become problems as we age, so that we can stay here as long as possible. We learnt from our parents lives that it is vitally important to plan ahead, and to prepare our home for when we are old, if we want to stay independent as long as possible.  Eventually, we will need to move back to the city, to a unit or townhouse, closer to our children, but not for a long, long time, we hope. Though a number of our adult children are resident with us, so that is a bit of a reverse issue right now!

Lately, I seem to be writing a lot about age and age related issues, but that is the cycle of life and smart people accept it, work with it, and I hope I am wise enough to remember that.

On the other hand, I am going out to select wood cuts from the trees already felled, to create fairy houses for my two precious granddaughters. I am sure, I will not be tempted to play fairies at all..never ever.

7 thoughts on “not being able to see the trees for the trees

  1. I have a regular blood pressure of 90/60. On days my meals are delayed (or heaven forbid, skipped) it spirals down further. My best position in life is foetal, on my bed, with eyes closed ALL THE TIME. But would life allow it? No.

    I am waiting to see the fairy houses…wonder what they are. Tempted to google it, but will wait for your post on them.

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  2. Ah, the cycles of life.
    When it’s a bit of a lower cycle it’s difficult to remember that the higher cycles will return.
    You never have trouble remembering that.
    Peace and healing and fairy houses to you. 💚

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  3. Like another reader I have a normal pressure of 90/60. I have learned how to manage it. (It’s also a useful excuse to get out of things I don’t want to do!) Your message about making the house conducive to older people is right on target. Wish my mother would have done that. Too many people wait too long before making the necessary changes. Sure hope you can get your health back to where it should be and enjoy those fairy houses.

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  4. Hubs and I are working on the house remodel right now. And since we don’t have any kids to wipe our drool as we age, it reeeallllly is a concern! LOL Might need to adopt some! In any case, it IS so interesting how your perspective changes as you age, and how you start to examine and understand what is truly important. Wishing you good health – play on, my fairy friend, play on…~Lynn

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  5. I do hope you get your bp regulated and that the shoulder heals. Especially if it’s your stick-wielding arm!

    When we renovated our house my goal was to make it as maintenance free as possible. I know, for example, that the roof will outlive me, our upstairs does not require any future painting/wallpapering, etc. I also learned from my parents that I did not want to be retired (in Dad’s case it was through disability) and still making house payments. The house was paid off early, so I don’t have to worry about that.


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