you know what I mean

nothing new

I’ve got to that stage in life when I look at some little upstart who has schmoozed his way into a position of power and when he looks at me, waiting for me to gush over him, all I can think is “I wear pyjamas older than you.”

And those pyjamas are kind and gentle, and empathetic. You, you little bottom dweller who have risen from the detritus of life, are only in that position because of ambition and because you spawned children and now need a larger income to send them to ballet classes and tennis lessons and to buy saxophones that they will hurrumph into three times before that saxophone is abandoned in the laundry until a cat gives birth to six kittens inside it and that reminds you that you meant to list it on ebay and now wonder if you will get extra for if you included cat placenta as a value added enticement. “Get you cat placenta and pucker up for the blow!”

Anyway, I am over playing the game. Leadership is not a position, it is something that you do. Lead me, show me the goods and then maybe you might get some interest. In the meantime, I will be over here in my pyjamas, filling my glass.

5 thoughts on “you know what I mean

  1. here here. well said.
    I have been managed by fair share of twerps and see the position as simply a job different to mine.
    Some waft in with chests puffed out and imaginary braids on their shoulders. Leadership is a quality more than a position. I’ve met very good leaders who neither have nor want a position in charge.

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  2. The picture you chose for the post is so apropos. Those sort of “leaders” melt like snow in the tropics as soon as a real crisis occurs. Not all the program certificates and MAs in public policy in the world will save one from the fury of an institutional sh*tstorm.


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