days of the week, snap, snap

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I’ve lost track of the days. It happened before the semester break even began. Last day of term I emailed Daughter2 in Perth and informed her that I was going to sleep all day the next day. A fast reply from daughter informed that I was flying over to Perth the next day. I had thought my flight was two days hence not the next day.

Today, I had to think really hard to remember it was Tuesday. I know it is the second week of vacation but even in term time, the days just tumble by, forming weeks, months and years. Is it life in general or me? Is it you, is it me, is it us?

The time I spent in Perth was too brief but wonderful. Peppercorn, now six months, not only sits up, but crawls and is now pulling herself up to stand. She will be seven months on the 9th of this month! She is so determined to go, go, go.

Petite Fille and her Mummy and Daddy will be moving back into their own home next week. They have spent over five months with us while their house renovations have been evolving. Petite Fille has been with us just long enough for her to have forgotten her own home, and so she is a little concerned to leave Grandma and Grandpa. Yesterday, she told me she was going to marry me so that we could be together for ever and ever! I shall miss seeing her little face each day, but I have to admit that keeping up with a three year old day after day does take more energy than I possess sometimes!

So, if I can keep my days straight, I will be back tomorrow… or maybe the day after. Hang in there!

6 thoughts on “days of the week, snap, snap

  1. I know exactly what you mean about losing track of days. With my two darlings on school holidays and my husband recently away interstate on a work trip I’ve totally lost track of time. But it seems to be the way this year! Wishing you a happy week ahead. 🙂

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  2. Ah, that would be nice. Fat chance of it here with 4 different school timetables, medical appointments and my work rota.
    It’d be nice to lose track ….

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  3. I’m going to Vegas this Saturday; dad, brother with wife and daughter leaving on Sunday – they’re driving, I’m flying then we’re all driving back on the 14th. It’s causing no end of confusion. Especially since brother et. al. are first flying in from Alabama!

    But there is NOTHING for confusing time as taking a nap in the middle of the day (which I’m considering doing right about now).

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