I waz cheated, I tell youze


Thursday was a quite a pleasant day. I spent most of the day with Petite Fille playing Peppa Pig, Duplo, Doctors, and reading a mountain of books to her. It was a good day, until my son-in-law, Petite Fille’s father, came home and told me my Thursday was in fact everyone else’s Friday.

I didn’t believe him to the point that I found my mobile phone and checked the day and date. I didn’t fully believe it then either. Okay, I was on vacation, and I had been suffering with a cold, and I had been home bound child caring, but how did I get cheated out of a whole day?

Where was I when I was living that day? I was cheated out of a day of vacation! So instead of having three days until I had to return to work, I had merely two.

Talk about a pissed off individual… thy name was Flamingo Dancer!


6 thoughts on “I waz cheated, I tell youze

  1. I went on vacation for a few days with my husband and we “forgot” to check out of the hotel. We got the days confused and it wasn’t until the front desk called us to politely enquire about our intentions that we realized. Too much relaxation?

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    • wait a minute… i’m quick scanning backward, to see what posts i’ve missed, and I see you also lost a day on the 5th but then daughter gave it back to you. maybe you should get that checked.

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