oh just a morsel then…

I feel a bit ripped off by the weekend. It was very social. I find being nice exhausting and so by the end of the weekend I was feeling depleted. Happy but depleted as only an introvert can be!

Saturday we collected the exercise bike from a former colleague, a lovely woman who was so kind to me during my very first teaching job. It seems so long ago, and it was such a difficult time that I almost walked away from teaching before I even really started. However, Colleague and I have kept in touch through social media, and the gifting of the exercise bike meant a trip to the city and a good twenty minutes of polite conversation in her driveway as Mr FD loaded the bike into the back of our car.

To recover, Mr FD and I treated ourselves to lunch, something we haven’t done for months! We both chose the barramundi fish with pea mash and sweet potato chips. We were quite decadent and followed up with dessert. I chose the orange crème brûlée that was just perfection in a ramekin. I would have ordered a second helping without much prompting! Mr FD declared he would order something more “manly”; an apple and rhubarb crumble with vanilla ice-cream. How a dessert can be manly, I don’t know, but he was more than satisfied with his choice.

lunch 1

lunch 2

Sunday, I lunched with my favourite girlfriend, the one I have known since kindergarten. She and her husband have just returned from a trip to South America and climbing  Machu Picchu, as you do! Friend had news of a mutual friend who has had her foot amputated due to complications arising from diabetes. A lack of self care – so sad.

After the exhilarating  gustation of the previous day, I settled for a chicken soup with mushrooms and basil. It arrived in a bowl large enough to bath a small babe, and with a bread stick roll that was almost too large for the soup bowl. I have to admit that I had chosen soup as I was expecting a smaller meal! I did my best, but have to admit the soup defeated me. The glass of white, didn’t however.

3 thoughts on “oh just a morsel then…

  1. LOL! How is orange crème brûlée not manly? In order to get that delicious sugar “glass” on top, the chef has to fire the top with a lighter that resembles a miniature welding torch. Apple and rhubarb crumble reminds me of a Midwestern grandmother. 🙂

    I recently ate at a restaurant that served bacon-flavored ice cream. That sounded somewhat masculine, though I didn’t see any of the male diners around me ordering it. Most of them preferred liquid dessert, alcoholic and in tall glasses.

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  2. Hi, im warhammer fan that has been thinking of going to tournaments for awhile. My motivation to attend is to get more games in, I currently live in a small area and dont get to play often. Proplem I have is I like to enjoy a competative game, not a game of ‘who has the most broken list’. All I hear is complaints about uber list spam and it puts me ofv. How to fix and lure guys like me in to expand your scene I dont know.


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