totally corrupted by NASA

A crazy politician, who has been able to enter the Australia senate with just 77 votes due to the Prime Minister calling a double dissolution of both houses of parliament, was on a televised panel discussion show. Pollie is a climate denier who says he will only believe when the “empirical evidence” proves it. Professor Brian Cox was on the panel also and produced the empirical evidence, but Pollie said he couldn’t believe it as all climate science has been “corrupted by NASA”. Good one NASA. Power to ya!

I love the “corrupted by NASA” claim. It has become my new go-to excuse. My day is ruined because it was corrupted by NASA. The dinner is late because my cooking was corrupted by NASA. I am late because I was corrupted by NASA. I love NASA. I think they should have their budget increased.

Actually, they should increase their budget, and then put Pollie and the other closed minded, racist, fear mongering, deniers of everything, into a space ship and shoot it to the moon. No, not the moon, into the sun. Trump can go too. It’s the least NASA can do after corrupting my day.


And how a pollie gets in with just 77 votes is also a mystery to most of the voting Australian public too. The good old Westminster system; irritating one day, completely baffling the next.

10 thoughts on “totally corrupted by NASA

  1. I love it when a know-nothing tries to argue about science. Within minutes they reveal how grossly ignorant they are. But yes, how they get into political office, where they can actually do real harm to people, is beyond me.

    I would happily vote for a raise in my taxes if it meant building a ship to send Trump and all the climate deniers into the sun. With our luck though, it’ll blow up before it reaches its target after all the gasbags inside are exposed to the heat.

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  2. Ohh… you probably don’t know “Thanks, Obama”.. that’s a big one over here… blame EVERYTHING on President Obama. I can’t remember how it started… maybe when people were freaking out about healthcare changes due to ObamaCare (which massively HELPED everyone). (stupid) People used to use it seriously but now it’s a meme… My car got hit, thanks Obama. My elbow hurts, thanks Obama. I ran out of toothpaste, thanks Obama.


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