Where does creativity hide?

girl 1

Where does creativity hide? In deep, dark, unfathomable places I have never really been able to fully uncover. I think my self-censor has dug a hole and buried it so deep it may never see the full light of day.

I have had no deep childhood trauma and maybe that sealed my creativity’s fate. There are few tales to tell from a happy childhood. Too much balance, nothing to work out through words, on paper, or in art. Such a fate.

I am a multidimensional person, we all are. There in should lie creative spaces; I am sure they must. However, I also allow ambiguity to dwell beside creative intentions. Happily, though, this is counteracted by the universe sending me messages, or what I think are hints, or messages. This focuses me for a few moments, maybe ever a span of hours, before uncertainty, that ever present chorus of negative voices in my head, and the pressure of being observer of my own self, sends creativity back to whence it came.

So any creativity by this time is pretty dizzy from forces turning it in circles, up and down and all around. Somewhere in the middle, the vortex, is a small individual who still remains committed, but not wholly steady, feet not yet fixed on the right path. A clock is ticking her hand, the only sound inside her space. Tick Tock, the days go by, the weeks go by, your life goes by; so much uncommitted.


Tick Tock.

3 thoughts on “Where does creativity hide?

  1. You have described me like I would. Only far more beautifully.
    You are an amazing writer FD.

    That aside, yeah, I keep searching for my creativity too. It is said that you need to have a dash of unhappiness or discontent inside you for creativity to spark. All I can say is that I must be a very happy and content person.

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  2. I wish I knew where it hides!

    I used to do a lot of writing – nothing that I’ll show anyone but stuff that gave me pleasure to write and to go back and read. But I haven’t done much of anything for an uncomfortable number of years.

    I hope it’ll come back someday.


  3. Creativity lurks in the happy and the unhappy. Sadness seems to nurture creativity in more instances only because creativity is necessary to vault over that grief. I can look into the sky and see the seasons and the planets and the lights and become so inspired and happy that I’m full of words and pictures!


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