Lady Karma, I kiss your cheeks.


Karma, I love you so. Today we heard on the gossip line that a former principal who had made my life miserable and destroyed the careers of some very good people, has received a massive kick in the butt from Lady Karma.

After chewing up and spitting out a number of people he broke his contract to leave our school  early for what he thought was going to be his ticket into the upper echelons of education. Well, the people he had to work with mutinied, revolted, and just rose up against up on mass – he always plucked his victims off one by one – and he was fired!

Sadly it is not total revenge as he has enough clout to be assisted into a principal’s position at a nearby school – but not ours!

He’s still on my stick list [the people I am going to hit with a stick on my last day], but at least I know his ego has been trimmed. I smiled all day. I am still smiling.

4 thoughts on “Lady Karma, I kiss your cheeks.

  1. I’ve found that people like this principal believe they can behave like this with impunity, and will continue to do so until they finally reach a point where no one can stand their behavior anymore and rebel. I’m frankly surprised he wasn’t thrown out of a window or punched in the face before he was fired: but I think you should still hope for an opportunity at him with your stick. If someone else hasn’t killed him before that, that is.

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  2. yay!
    my “rogue” coworker was disciplined in front of my and my coworker this week. i had started to think that my boss was lying about reprimanding him (a million times already) so it was sadly satisfying to witness it.

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