Oh my, you did, didn’t you?

Well, America, you certainly did it. How could you do this to all of us?


I have always laughed at those preppers with their millions cans of beans and bottled water, but I am starting to feel like I should start putting my shoulder to the shovel to dig a fall-out shelter into the side of our hill. One thing for sure, I have promised myself to stop following the political media and much of the news for my own health and sanity.


I just can’t believe it – Trump? Really, that was the best you could do?


Ever since Bush2 dragged Australia into his global fights I have argued for Australia to stop following so meek and mildly into every American bully fest. The time is overdue for us to cut some ties now. Australia needs to stop trying to punch above its weight on America’s soiled coat tails.


Perhaps young middle class women don’t realise how hard the fight was to get them the freedom they trashed yesterday by voting for Trump. We, mothers, have failed to instil in our daughters how easy privileges and rights can be taken away.


My argument has been for a while now, that there has been too much change in our generations and many people just can’t keep up with the momentum. They are frightened and exhausted. A demigod who promises a return to what they think were “the good old times” is a salve to their dispirited world view.


I just can’t believe all this is happening



14 thoughts on “Oh my, you did, didn’t you?

  1. I wish I could answer your question with a good reason, but I fear it boils down to reacting without thinking. Blindly, like sheep, they followed the pied piper, who said all the things they wanted to hear without being concerned about facts or reality. And women?! Really?! How could you shame us so?!

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  2. It was likely the mothers rather than young women who voted for Trump. I despair for my generation of women, who in exit polls went 53% for the Horrible Orange. I’ve also been aghast at the number of coworkers at the public school where I work who were excited at the news that Trump was president. You work at a publicly funded school, dimwits! Do you know how easily we could all end up in the street if your boy decided to stop federal funding of schools?

    I’ve already ranted and raved on Twitter and my blog and wherever else I could vent without killing someone. Now I am just exhausted and angry. A lot of Americans are talking about moving to Canada, but unfortunately it is too close to the US, with politicians who would love to emulate Trump. Better to stand one’s ground and fight at the barricades than let him think he owns America.

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    • so now that Pres-Elect Cheetos given Secretary of Education to a billionaire who has openly indicated that she doesn’t support public schooling, how are those coworkers feeling?


      • I’ll find out when I come back to work on Monday, but I’m betting none of them thought this through. I get that they’re angry, but they don’t realize they were conned by a guy who stiffed his contractors and forced old people out of their homes through intimidation and deliberate violation of property law. I’m beginning to feel like we’ll be ruled by real estate developers, who lie all the time about what a great investment their condos or houses will be, even after we discover they built right on top of a swamp.


  3. Almost 24 hours of tears here. I’ve gone through denial, anger, disbelief and a day of absolutely everything making me cry. I cannot believe I live in a country that elected a racist, homophobic, misogynistic, sexual predator as President. I am deeply hurt, deeply ashamed and totally exhausted. I fear for my daughters and my granddaughters. I fear for my gay friends, my mixed race grand nieces, and friends whose skin is not pure white. I will get stronger. I know that we need to organize to take back our Congress in midterm elections two years from now. But tonight, I am exhausted from trying to soothe my adult children, get control of my tear ducts, and gather coherent thoughts.

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  4. While the sexism, racism and homophobia of the new leader of USA scares the shit out of me, on a selfish note, it is not really my concern because I don’t live in the country that is now, pardon the French, fucked up.
    I worry for the world in terms of his seeming insensitivity and callousness towards environmental issues. America, whether we like it or not (more likely not), is the most powerful nation in the world, and if they are going to be led by someone who will fuck up mother earth to power his tower and country, I shudder for the world. And the wars that are going to be waged in the next four years – and the lives taken. What were they thinking?
    I am a mild person and don’t like using expletives, but I have been using the f word in my brain all day yesterday.


    • People weren’t thinking. They were believing catchphrases… interpreting what they wanted to hear because he never gave any details about anything, so blind masses didn’t face the reality that Trump is a egotistical maniac. If he doesn’t blow up the world, he’s still likely to lead us to no longer being a world power… and, frankly, his policies will ensure that we no longer deserve to be one.


  5. I am literally embarrassed to be an American, especially given that I genuinely believe he’ll go down in history as the prime instigator of WW3… not that any history will be left after that. I wish I was joking.


  6. after umpteen redonk cabinet appointments (person who doesn’t believe in public education heading up the dept of education; person who doesn’t believe in climate change heading up whatever dept oversees that; exxon overloard heading a dept he said should be abolished; etc… I’m literally convinced Trump is “trolling” us just cause he knows he can. unfortunately, he’s also already laying the groundwork for WW3 (pissing off China, who basically owns america; refusing daily security briefings; bashing the CIA and FBI and everyone else) so it would seem all my worst fears are coming true but our government is not doing anything about it.

    long term: he’ll be impeached or killed (CIA or FBI could easily pull it off and now has plenty of motivation) and while Pence also sucks, he is at least predictable and not a completely egotistical lunatic.


    • I do not want to see another assassination. Please, NO. But with each new revelation, it becomes even more difficult to accept him. I rant on Twitter, I discuss on Facebook, I read and read and still find no answer. IF the activity with the Russias can be proved, IF the Electoral College truly serves their purpose, there is still hope. I think the Democratic Party needs to soul search and make difficult adjustments to better serve those of us who are not conservatives. The moderates in both parties, (and I do believe they exist) need to step forward and take charge. As an Independent, I have voted all over ballots in the past. I see no one who serves my beliefs right now with the exception of, possibly, Elizabeth Warren. I have to have hope!


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