From here to there and back again

imageI have been so absent that I didn’t even see the notices warning me to renew my “flamingo” address and only just managed to pay my fee before it disappeared into an internet abyss. We are on our second week of summer school vacation, and I am still trying to stop the thinking from being thunk. I have to admit that I did a couple of hours works on a unit for a year 8 I am teaching next year. I woke with the ideas for a design inquiry unit and I guess it is better to write them down while they are still in my brain.

I am teaching 3 classes next year – in religion, which is ironic considering I am rather “lapsed”. Well, that was the notification I had when the school year ended, but as things go I could end up teaching chemistry or industrial design, subjects I have zero knowledge of, by the time school resumes!

The three classes I have are all the learning support students in those years. Usually, they main stream them, but many of them struggle with the abstract concepts of religion – you get your head around there being a “trinity” of three persons in one God when you struggle just understanding a simple direction – three into one won’t go! So, I am trying to develop a more “hands on” design inquiry unit.

In one class, I will have an assistant as one of the students is prone to violence when she escalates, so that will be helpful. I may not have assistance for the other two classes, despite the students receiving funding, as religion is not seen as being a core subject.

Anyway, enough of school – I am on vacation.

Last week I got the baker’s hat on to drown a couple of kilos of dried fruits to make two Christmas cakes. One for them and one for me… well, kinda. One half to leave with each daughter and the rest to feast upon. Perth daughter was home briefly over the weekend to play the role of maid of honour for a girlfriend. Luckily the wedding was in our Village so Daughter2 was able to stay with us for a couple of days. Peppercorn, who turned one last week, stayed back in Western Australia with her Daddy. D2 flew back home on Sunday, but the three will return for a fortnight next week. Many flying hours coast to coast, it must be like jumping on a bus for them now.

Today, I baked two ingredient (banana and oats) cookie as well as a banana and oat slice to freeze in anticipation of Peppercorn’s visit. Her favourites!

Tomorrow, I am back to the cardiologist to receive more test results. Elder granddaughter, Petite Fille, will be accompanying us during the visit, as her Mummy has an appointment at the same time, where she can’t take a child with her. Grandpa FD will be on child duty – he has the instructions that if all else fails, to take Petite Fille to the hospital cafeteria for a “treat”.  Her father will no doubt roll his eyes in horror, but some times you just have to adopt a survival tactic and a sugar load might be it!

I hope your Christmas is shaping up well – just remember, Christmas is never perfect, and it shouldn’t be. It should just be fun and a time to reconnect. Take care.

3 thoughts on “From here to there and back again

  1. I hope the news from the cardiologist is mundane and boring. After one turns 50, health becomes something of a dice roll, dependent on genes and how well you cared for yourself when you were young and believed you were bulletproof.

    A happy and peaceful Christmas to you, FD. Enjoy your vacation! I am rather glad I work at a secular public school, as I doubt any of my students would understand the three-in-one package you get with Christianity. They can’t even divide by one, let alone multiply.

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  2. Cardiologist? What have I missed or forgotten?
    I’m certain your cakes are delish but it amuses me to know that you aren’t a pumpkin spice fanatic (an American thing) but enjoy fruitcake, which is considered a running joke in American (“there’s just one fruitcake that’s been passed person to person since the 1800s”).

    I hope you’re enjoying your time off. I just started my layoff “wish todo list” tonight. Trip to Oceania hasn’t quite made the cut because I only have 3 months of severance and want to spend at least 1/2 year in AU, NZ, Fiji, Tahiti, etc.

    While there is NO comparison, after accidentally shoving a mascara brush into my eye today, and having it bandaged for 1/2 the day (still hurts), and losing all vision L of my nose, I found myself thinking of you (and admiring your adaptability) all day.

    I hope all goes well tomorrow.. or, I guess, has already gone well as, according to teh interwebs, it’s somewhere in the nighttime of the 14th where you are,

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