And so it goes



Where was I? So the cardiologist, hearing I was close to fainting all over the place at very inappropriate times, told me to decrease one of the medications, and I must say that has resulted in an improvement. However, there is fluid in a close relationship with my lungs, so the next adventure is visiting a respiratory specialist. So much fun.

Christmas was such fun. Somehow, we managed to meld three groups of grandparents together for the day, so that Petite Fille and Peppercorn had all their grandparents with them for the day. Yes, that means Mr FD and I, Petite Fille’s paternal grandmother and Peppercorn’s paternal grandparents. As well, as my sister, and of course our Son, Daughters and their lovely husbands. It was an amazing day and more than once I saw Petite Fille cuddling up to Peppercorn’s paternal grandmother! I am incredibly grateful that we are able to bring an ever growing extended family together in peace and happiness.

Today, I at the half way point of my vacation. Sigh. I am just getting into the swing of vacation, especially now that all those “must do” items are off the list. A late breakfast, a little pottering around the house, lunch, a nap, then a lovely dinner that Mr FD often cooks out on the barbecue, to a lovely wind down at night reading, checking social media or watching television , sometimes (often) with a drink in hand.

Onward to the New Year. I think many of us are glad to see the end of this “shitty” year. May 2017 be a happy experience for all.

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