here, there and back again


I’m not  quite sure how it happened, but I disappeared for more than awhile. What can I say ? It happened.

Life has continued. Mother FD turned 90 and weeks later suffered a fall (staff negligence)  that resulted in a spine fracture, a broken ankle and weeks in bed. Somehow she has recovered, though the dementia pulls her down further.

I spent the semester teaching a number of leaning support classes, which was a steep learning curve for me and for them, but I hope we all gained from it. I know I gained a deep level of exhaustion!

A new member of the Flamingo Dancer family is due in the next week or two (blue feathers this time!) and the Perth members are returning permanently to Queensland in a fortnight . I am a very blessed FD, and will be able to enjoy my three grandchildren to my heart’s content.

I hope you are still out there…let’s talk more.


10 thoughts on “here, there and back again

  1. I’m sorry to hear about your mum’s injuries on top of the dementia decline. That must be so hard to see healing in one area and decline the other.

    How wonderful to have the flock returning to the home roost region! While I hear rumors that grand young’uns are pretty awesome, I have none so I take your word for it that it’s positive 🙂

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  2. I was worried about you! I’m glad no personal misfortune affected you, though your mother’s tumble sounds awful. These injuries worsen dementia; I just hope she’s feeling better.

    WordPress has been very quiet lately. I wonder if ‘s the weather, the political climate, or people have just migrated away to Facebook.

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