this isn’t in the play book

tea multiple

I have a summer cold. This isn’t suppose to happen in my new happy ever after life. The only eucalyptus I can smell in on my tissues (Kleenex). It’s Mr FD’s fault. He has a chest infection.

To be fair, Petite Fille brought the virus into their home, and she shared it with her father and mother, and then with me, but I am quite sure that Petite Fille’s father passed the virus to Mr FD and then he incubated a more virulent version. After a night or six of coughing he passed his new improved germ cocktail to me. I am an innocent victim. Again.

Poor little Petit Garcon also has the cough, which is unfair when one is only 4 months old. Did I tell you that I have the most perfect little Flamingo Dancer grandson, ever? I do. Babies should be given germ protection for their first year because they just don’t understand. Life is cruel.

The summer weather is just heating up now, which is rather unusual, for most years we would have already had several weeks of “if it is so hot now, what will summer be like!” conversations. Our garden was almost dead from a warm dry winter, and we were planning memorial ceremonies for some beloved plants, but then the spring rains came and everything bloomed. We have some plants flower for the first time in the five years we have been in the country this spring.

Of course, it means Mr FD has to mow every three or four days. Plovers are having their second hatching in the middle of the lawn, and so the mowing only goes so far, before plover squawks alert Mr FD that he has gone as far as they will allow. I caught sight of him mowing with a long stick clutched in one hand the other day. Apparently if the Plover Pair are flying he eyeballs them, points the stick directly at them and they have second thoughts about their murderous intent.

We are a positive animal sanctuary – rabbits, hares, bush turkey, plovers, ibis, various parrots, magpies, bandicoots, wallabies, kangaroos. It is a hot bed of fecundity.

Luckily, Mf FD and I are too old for such things…




5 thoughts on “this isn’t in the play book

  1. Our Summer was wetter and “cooler” than normal (quotation marks because although the air temperature was lower, the humidity was awful making for a not-so-pleasant heat index). Autumn has been dry-ish, and winter is supposed to be warmer and drier than usual. No snow is a good thing, grass fires are not.

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  2. Aye, that’s the rub: the grandchildren have given me some of the worst bouts of flu I’ve experienced in years, even after I’ve gotten a flu shot. I agree with your theory that each time the virus is passed on to another person, it mutates into something even more terrible. (Now that I think of it, I should have gone to work at the height of my illness and given certain coworkers very close, hard hugs.) I hope you are feeling better now. Being sick and hot during the summer is not fun at all.

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  3. I had to google what a plover is. My animal sanctuary is cats, opossums, raccoons, skunks, squirrels, hummingbirds, finches, an occasional bluejay or hawk… and whatever’s making a racket in the roof every night (rats?). I sometimes see a hawk, but not often (I swear it was aiming to snatch Skriiches a couple days ago but saw me at the last minute)…. and there are tons of crows, seagulls, and green parrots (or parakeets… i dunno).

    I hope you’re already feeling better!

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