getting my big seasonal jollies

Christmas 2017

Finally got my jolly on. We’ve gone with a real tree this year – can you tell Christmas isn’t at our house this year? Norfolk Pines grow to 15 metres and now I have burdened the children with eternal care of “Grandma’s tree”. A new family tradition! Perhaps they can bury me under it one day.

And as an extra for your viewing bonus, this was the view from my front door today.

front door 1a


front door 2

6 thoughts on “getting my big seasonal jollies

  1. what are the red bushes? they look pretty.
    my “getting my season on” involved plugging the window light cords back into the timer and buying a couple items for gift-exchange parties this weekend. I will know the host, but no one else, at the first party. I may not even recognize the host at the 2nd (we met at a bar during summer and the face i remember is nothing like his pics on facebook)


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