It’s all still random to me

More images that just “spoke to me”. And no, I did not speak back. Well, maybe just a thought or two…

Maybe I should start a contest, and you can tell me what the hell is going on inside my head!

Remember though, I carry a big stick.


Drabble this!

I wish I knew the creator of this photographer. If it is yours, I salute you.


Write a drabble (exactly 100 words) about this image

Write a drabble (exactly 100 words) about this image


I think he drinks English Breakfast tea, don’t you?

Write a drabble about our tea drinking blue bird.

The creative muse, or is that mouse?

A couple of months ago I recklessly announced that I was going to take up needle felting. I even purchased a beginner’s kit and started to collect “inspirational” photos on Pinterest, before procrastination set in; and a good dose of the fear of failure.

However, I have a dream… yes, indeed a dream. I want to make a “village” of little people and anthropomorphic animals for Petite Fille to play with. Of course, they will be so exquisite they will become a treasured family heirloom.

Late Friday night, which is always the best time to start a new project, I started to make this lovely lady. Flamingo Dancer being Flamingo Dancer, I started at what I found out half way through was an intermediate level project, but after one failed attempt with the head where she ended up looking more like a seal than a mouse, by Sunday night I was ready to announce “She’s  alive, she’s alive!”


As I was “needling” her (this is so the perfect craft for me, as I needle Mr FD so well!) I am sure that she told me her name was Grandma Maude, but no doubt Petite Fille will have her own ideas.

Spurred on by my own brilliance, late Sunday night I started this gentle Forest Gnome. One arm appeared a little shorter than the other early on, which led Mr FD to name her Thalidomide Child, but eventually all appeared to come right to an acceptable degree.

Felted Forest Gnome 1

I customised the patterns a little, as when Daughter1 found out (because I announced it so loudly) that I was making the play set for Petite Fille, she asked for “props” to allow for creative play. So, Grandma Maude got a basket, which I carefully crafted without any instructions. Such artistic talent!

While not a “prop” exactly, I did add hair in a braid to the Forest Girl Gnome, so that her hat could be taken off when she is inside. The instructions said to just felt the hat to the head, so I had to improvise a little to make the hat fit around the head and be able to come off.

Felter Forest Gnome 1 back

I have some wool ordered to make mushrooms, and so I think I will make “Mother Mushroom” next. She will have a red and white spotted cap of course!

All very therapeutic, and I did gain a sense of success right from the outset, which as a teacher I know is important to support motivation and learning. Not so therapeutic  though, when the needle goes into a finger however. The odd bit of my blue blooded DNA is now on some of the wool for future generations wishing to clone me! Win, win all around, I say!

mixed media and organics – Museum and Art Gallery, Perth, Western Australia

The following are a mix of the collections of both the Perth Museum and the Perth Art Gallery both of which are within the Perth Cultural Centre.

There is a wetlands garden between the two precincts.

Perth Jan3 2013 136

And this guy is called the Caller, for the obvious reasons!

Perth Jan3 2013 246

Perth Jan3 2013 248

Now, regular reading of the fabulous Flamingo Dancer are aware of my stick list – a list of the people who I am going to hit on the last day. That last day may be my last day at work, or anywhere, or life itself, but cross me and emblazoned you will be. GOM made the list this week for saying the dino bride looked like his mother in law (I am the perfect mother in law, naturally. Ask anyone, I will tell you.)

So, can you imagine my joy when I cam across this little guy sitting in his acrylic display box, in a corner? Be still me beating heart.

Perth Jan3 2013 234

Stick by David Shrigley circ 1996
STICK. Cement fondue, enamel paint

It was a red letter day for this Flamingo Dancer. Of course this guy doesn’t have the flair and beauty of my stick, but the knowledge that one has created a cultural icon that others aspire to recreate is soul stirring, and ego building, to say the least!

Back to the more mundane art of the common people

Perth Jan3 2013 230

 Sorry, I didn’t get the details on this pair, as some Asian tourists kept lining their family up in front of the catalogue card and so I just moved on for their safety. (I knew where the stick was by this time and was not adverse to breaking the glass in an emergency).

Flatland by Joanna Lamb

Flatland by Joanna Lamb

Flatland is a perfect representation of middle class Australia, where the houses remain all the same to this day. Street after street, suburb after suburb.

Perth Jan3 2013 144

Perth Jan3 2013 145

Perth Jan3 2013 147

Perth Jan3 2013 148

Perth Jan3 2013 151

Perth Jan3 2013 152



Perth Jan3 2013 161Perth Jan3 2013 163Perth Jan3 2013 168Perth Jan3 2013 174Perth Jan3 2013 175

Bunny by Ralph Pearce

Bunny by Ralph Pearson

Sorry the colour is not accurate, but it was the gallery lighting, a point and shoot camera and no flash.

Perth Jan3 2013 180

Perth Jan3 2013 184

Perth Jan3 2013 186

Just a step to the left outside the gallery is the roof top garden. (I am guessing the rooftop is to the car parking garage!)

In fact the raised  plots are both flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

In fact the raised plots are both flowers, vegetables, herbs and fruit trees.

Perth Jan3 2013 257

Perth Jan3 2013 260

Perth Jan3 2013 262

Perth Jan3 2013 263

Perth Jan3 2013 273

Oh look the big bad CBD, where the ordinary people toil

Oh look the big bad CBD, where the ordinary people toil

Saturday we are hanging out with a bunch of monks, so that should make for some interesting reading…

this is becoming a habit, a very nice habit

Another Saturday, another open house run by our realtor. This week there was a very interested family, and they said that they would be back next week with a friend. The importance of the friend I don’t know. Perhaps someone who can advise them on changes they might want to make. So, still playing the waiting game.

This week we went to a local Austrian cafe. It is called the K&K Bakery, but it actually serves full Austrian style meals and serves alcohol, so not your usual bakery!

I ordered the bauern grostel . My mother used to cook a version when I was a child. From memory it was a Sunday night dish, I suppose made from the left overs from Sunday lunch.

Mr FD was having difficulty choosing what to order and I jokingly said, “Surely you will order the bluzen (with black pudding)” and so he did. Once the waitress; who was Indian, just goes to show you how multicultural Australia is, took his order he started to worry about it. In fact he tried to say I had made him order it, which was blatantly untrue and all at the table gave him no sympathy.

However, once his plate arrived he was quite impressed, and did in fact enjoy his meal.

Mr and Mrs Boy (daughter1, now looking pregnant as into her second trimester) and Son joined us for lunch. Mr Boy went for a schnitzel.

Mr FD and I were quite taken with the serving dishes, well, rather the handles of ours serving dishes.

We got quite carried away with the Austrian cuisine and ordered a mulled wine to finish our meal.

 Our house better sell soon, or we are going to run up quite a meal bill eating out on a Saturday!

looky looky

Cecilia Levy uses recycled book tp make a series of beautiful cups and bowls and other gorgeous things…

“These days, America does not need to be told where it is going wrong but where it is going right,” Mr Abbott said [leader of the Australian Opposition]  link

Shackelton’s Hut, Cape Royds on Ross Island on Google Maps

The hut served as the base of operations for the British 1907-1909 Nimrod Expedition, an early attempt in the race to the geographic South Pole led by a young Ernest Shackleton.


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