The Accidental Twitcher

A day is not complete for Mr Fd without checking on the many birds nesting in our garden. Parrots, rosellas, lorikeets, tawny frogmouths, cockatoos, magpies and even minors are all hatching on our grounds.

A little disappointingly, the easiest nest to see is the minor birds’ nest. Mama and Papa have three chicks, who have grown rather efficiently into fledglings before our gaze. Too big for the nest, they have now been moved to a nearby tree for safety. Not before we managed to get a photograph of them, though.

Birdie in the nest

They are well hidden amongst the beaches and leaves, but the continual chirping for food and attention gives them away immediately. From our guest bedroom, we can watch them from the comfort of the bed! Now that’s the way to twitch!

Luckily, it has rained in the last couple of days and the trees aren’t quite as stressed. It won’t last for long. Hopefully the birds will linger longer


It started with a coffee; or Mr and Mrs. FD’s Saturday adventure.

The plan was a coffee and then to the supermarket. We had the coffee, or Breakfast Dessert as I declared it:

Start with a Breakfast Dessert on a Saturday Morning and you never know where the day may lead...

Start with a Breakfast Dessert on a Saturday Morning and you never know where the day may lead…

Mr FD has led a rather quiet life since his knee replacement in late July, but today he was in dire need of an outing; so the supermarket plan was scrapped and we hit the road for an adventure.

The trail led us to the Jondaryan Woolshed, almost one hundred kilometres from our Viilage! The last time I had visited  the Woolshed, we were living in Toowoomba and our children were tiny. We all have memories of a daughter attempting to milk a cow only to be splattered by a rush of cow poo. Ahh the memories of childhood!

It has changed quite a bit, and now boasts a fine restaurant, where we had a  tasty burger accompanied by a lovely glass of wine. And a pot of tea!

A few pictures will tell the story better than mere words…

...and lunch

…and lunch

ST Anne's Church, Jondaryan

On the way we passed Saint Anne’s Church built in 1865 by the then owners of the Jondaryan Homestead. It is apparently identical to the church represented on the Australian fifty dollar bill. I haven’t seen a $50 note for awhile so can’t say if that is true!

One end of the Woolshed was staged for a wedding that evening. There were fairy lights hanging above beautifully set tables, and I am sure at night the atmosphere would be magical. Hopefully, the bride’s perfume will cover the aroma of wool fat that has seeped into the floors over the many decades the woodshed was an actual shearing shed! Lovely backdrop though.

We are going to try for groceries tomorrow…who knows where that might take us!

Birds of a feather

The last couple of mornings, I have taken the end slices of a loaf of bread out to feed the birds. This morning, a rather chilly morning, I sat in my favourite chair with a lovely breakfast cup of tea. Augie Dog, however had other ideas, and after looking through the glass patio door to the garden beyond turned and barked at me.

Augie’s bark is a rare occurrence, and so when he does bark we normally pay attention. It took me a couple of minutes to realise that Augi wanted to go feed the birds. This is not in particular that he loves birds, it is more that it is one piece of bread for Augie, one piece for the birds!

So out we go, expecting the usual magpies and miner birds, but today we were blessed with a Kingfisher



and a dozen or more Scaly Breasted Lorikeets.

scaly-breasted lorikeet

scaly-breasted lorikeet

Terrible name, but so delicate and pretty. Very noisy though! We always know when they are in our garden, for when the flock, often two or three dozen birds, in our trees, their screeching rises above everything else.

if you cross a wallaby with a hare what do you get?




Wallaby-largeThe wildlife count today:

A stand of wallabies just over our boundary fence as I drove out, and a hare in the garden upon my return.


I am starting to feel as though I am living with an Australian version of a Beatrix Potter tale. Perhaps I should start calling Mr FD, Farmer McGregor?


front page news: The Village explodes into deviant behaviour!

Australian Wood Ducks

Tragedy was averted in the Village today. Flamingo Dancer, exiting her drive in her white, hybrid Honda Civic, was forced to give way to a team of ducks who had, “without warning” decided to cross the road.

“Thank heavens I was driving below the speed limit,” commented Flamingo Dancer, still recovering from the near miss. “Otherwise, it may have been duck for dinner tonight!”


In the main street, three chickens pecked their way though town.

chickens three

Flamingo Dancer, who only minutes before had survived a near duck tragedy, was seen to slow her vehicle considerably, but thankfully the hens remained on the green space.

The bird disturbance was not yet calmed, for returning home and halting her journey to check the mailbox, Flamingo Dancer disturbed a flock of  Rainbow Lorikeets in the trees fronting the Flamingo Dancer property.

The Rainbow Lorikeet 2

The Rainbow Lorikeet

“Oh my,” Flamingo Dancer was overhead muttering, “I thought life in the city was chaotic, but The Village is bordering on feathered bedlam!”



A moment in time between a Flamingo Dancer and a bird of a different colour

Mr FD spied with his little eyes, one of these sitting on top of a basket of old blankets outside the patio door.

Tawny Frogmouth 1

Tawny Frogmouth


Except our photos are more like this :



It was evening, hence why he was out and about


I just grabbed my iPhone to snap, but I wasn’t going to miss the moment just to perfect the photo.

The Tawny Frogmouth may have been a baby, as it was still rather fluffy. We wondered if it was the product of the fortification we witnessed between a pair of Tawny Frogmouths in the branches of a tree near the front of our block a little while ago… It seems to be a bit of a spectator sport for Mr FD and I, watching creatures fornicate. When we were a courting couple we arrived  home to see two cats fornicating under Mr FD’s share house, and one of the resulting kittens became a family pet, for the next 18 years! We also spied a pair of canoodling green frogs on our drive way not long after we moved into our Brisbane house a decade ago. We did not see another green frog until we moved to the country.

The little guy had settled on top of a basket of old blankets I was going to store in the garage to make forts with Petite Fille should ever the need arise. He flew away eventually, ending Augie’s dream of a tidbit for dinner (don’t worry, Augie Dog does not eat birds and was well enclosed in the house anyway!)

Another round of applause for country living.

when the bloom of the jacaranda tree is here

The Jacaranda trees in the main street of our Village, are blooming in all their purple beauty.


“Too late to study when the Jacarandas are in bloom”.

The flowering season of Jacaranda has real and imaged meaning for students at the last year of high school and at university (school year ends November/December). The blooms signal the imminent exam season and some teachers warn that those who have not started studying by the time the trees start flowering cannot expect to do well in their exams. 


It also marks the end of our second year living in The Village, our secret Paradise. It really is true that life often takes you to places you never expected … and to happiness never contemplated. Counting blessings this day.