Coffee in the park

Enjoyed a coffee in the park with Petite Fille this morning.


Yes, the playground at neighbouring suburb [ cappuccino drinking, professional parents, 1.5 children type of ‘burn]  has a pretend coffee machine in its play area! I can’t really criticise as Petite Fille demanded the froth off her mother’s coffee at breakfast today!

I was gifted breakfast out, another late Mother’s Day celebration.

corn fritter, bacon, mushrooms, relish, poached eggs on sour dough. I drank tea!

corn fritter, bacon, mushrooms, relish, poached eggs on sour dough. I drank tea!

Then it was on to an afternoon concert – rocking it with the toddler set at a Play School concert.

Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time

Granny actually made it down to a sitting position on the floor without dislocating anything. Then, Petite Fille decided to sit on Grandma, so more muscles got strained and stretched to accommodate her. We took it to another level leaping and dancing with Teo and Rachel from Play School, with Petite Fille trusting Grandma to save her falling perhaps more than she should have! There were general celebrations all round when Granny could actually rise off the hard, timber floor after the 45 minute concert.

Sitting with Petite Fille on my lap, I looked over at her Mummy sitting on the floor beside me, and remembered that it only seemed a blink of an eye since I had her on my lap at a Play School concert (John and Bettina in those days!). Time passes so quickly, another timely remember to savour every moment.

Don’t it always seem to go
That you don’t know what you’ve got
Till it’s gone…

Oh,  and I hope I can savour the moment of being able to walk tomorrow morning too!


Friday, Friday how I love that day

lunch pair

Friday and a public holiday in our school area, so double relish to my sleep in this morning. Then Mr FD and I drove to Toowoomba about 45 minutes drive away, and where we lived for over 25 years,  to take care of those always present financial issues.

Then, after being reminded how poor we are, and how miserable our old age will be, we rewarded ourselves with a lovely lunch, a slightly belated Mother’s Day lunch for moi. I had the most delicious vegetarian tartlet of buffalo mozzarella, onion jam, roast peppers, Persian fetta with fig, gorgonzola & pomergrante salad, vino cotto and roast sage potatoes.I may have also have chosen a glass of Edwards Semillon Sauvignon Blanc from Western Australia’s Margaret River.

parkhouse 3

Mr FD choose the tasting plate with chermoula prawn skewer, lemon pepper squid, arancini, salmon roll, mini Korean ribs, warmed olives, saffron, pistachio & quinoa salad, dukkah flatbread, hummus, olive oil & balsamic.  Delicious.

parkhouse 2

We were like a pair of well fed cats afterwards and I would dearly have loved to have done nothing more than curl up in the sun and snoozed, but we did have to drive home. Thankfully, Mr FD did the driving; I did the snoozing.

If only every Friday could be thus…

friday hug

One thing I particularly noticed was the number of “ladies who lunch” lunching solo. These ladies were all in their forties or early fifties, some in upmarket winter gym clothes, all eating salads, but solo. It was as if they had just popped out of the house to have a little salad in a restaurant before picking the children up from school. How times have changed, women would have felt so odd lunching alone not all that long ago.

Mr FD observed them also, naturally, and commented that one day I would be able to “do lunch” in such a manner, but in the meantime it    was great that I enjoyed my work so much.

I stared him down over my wine glass.

“I would resign tomorrow if I could, there are a hell of a lot of other things I could enjoy more!”

He said no more. Occasionally, Mr FD is a wise man.


book slap

Do you like dinosaurs?


Dinosaur: Human size chart


I have to admit that I have never had an up close and personal relationship with a dinosaur, but I do suspect that I may not like them. Please do not tell my granddaughter that, as she is presently quite enraptured by them and goes to the bed each night after dancing the Dino Stomp with her parents, and Grandma when I am present.

I mean they don’t appear to be really loveable. Can’t see cuddling with a dinosaur in bed as a real option. Might be why cats and dogs remain, and dinosaurs are no more…

Can they participate in an interesting conversation? Hold their own in a book club? Know which fork to use first? Choose a good wine? I suspect not.

Do they leave the toilet seat up? Do they even use a toilet seat?

Are they going to be quiet when I want to sleep in? Can they tip toe?

They just seem to tromp and stomp and roar and eat. And their colour range seems severely limited.

I don’t know; not thinking likeable, people. Can you mount an argument in their favour?


A list of things I like




The colour blue.

Our dog.

Driving in my car and listening to audio books.




Wearing infinity scarves.

Eating breakfast out.

A window with a view.

Lying in bed listening to the birds in our trees.

A long warm shower

Ankle boots

Time alone

The number 7

Holding my granddaughter’s hands as she bounces on the bed

Fresh flowers

Wearing long tunic tops and leggings.

Staying in my PJs all day.

Plum jam and bacon on toast.

this herdwick looking smart



and this

and this

and this balloon

and this balloon

the daily wonder


  • Are dogs playing us for fools?
  • Are wristwatches on the way to redundancy?
  • How do you know if someone is  a “sandwich short of a picnic”? Is there a legislated number of sandwiches required to make it a picnic?
  • Daughter1’s husband and her brother, Son both have dark hair and beards. Acquaintance was of the opinion that they look alike, but what made her think “You must really love your brother to marry someone who looks like him!”? Does anyone else think that is weird too?
  • Why do so many of us only get comfortable in our own skins when we are over fifty?
  • How am I going to get the Giggle and Hoot children’s show theme out of my head?
  • I wish I had invented velcro, then I could have retired long ago.
  • There is no such thing as too much sleep.
  • Tomorrow is never another day, it is today. Not debatable.
  • The greatest wisdom comes from day to day living.
  • If I could read one person’s mind today, it would be… Sir Ken Robinson.

bubbles say

where is the fairness in this?

While the honeymooning Mr and Mrs Daughter2 were in New Zealand waking to morning snow and doing this:


I spent the day in my PJs, rising only to eat and put another load of laundry on, before cooking this:

Nice as it was, I think the honeymooning Mr and Mrs FD (keep up, remember the Bridegroom took the Bride’s Flamingo Dancer surname) are having more fun than the Senior Mr and Mrs FD.

Let it be said though, that I would never do the white water power boat thing. Snow yes, power boat, no.

Recipe link here.

Don’t you need your dress washed?


breasts 2

What better way to start a week, and end the post wedding celebrations that suffering the pain of a mammogram? The Biannual checkup.

I should have suffered it at the beginning of the year, but when the reminder letter arrived, I declared “This is nonsense, it is only a year since my last mammogram. Stupid government department”. I threw the letter in the bin.

A follow up phone call, decided I was the stuff and nonsense as it really was two years since my last squish. Sadly the holidays were over and school about to resume, so I made an after school appointment. It turned out the same day as an important meeting and I had to cancel.

So I decided to make an end of term appointment. However, I didn’t want to be a downer at Daughter2’s wedding in case something worrying came out of the examination. Not that I expect that, but better to not be a blight.

Why I thought that the very first working day after the wedding would be a good idea I can’t understand, but there I went Monday afternoon.

I was so tired that I ticked the box claiming to be indigenous, of which I am not. The receptionist very politely queried my claim. I compounded this by not being about to remember how to spell my own doctor’s name. Okay, it might be one of those Scottish names with a qu and an h in it, but I am a teacher!

A bright young student radiographer pushed and flattened but always got it wrong, so the radiographer proper had to reposition to enhance the flattening until I thought I would pass out from the pain. Then she made some quiet remark about “looking at the lady’s previous files I would check the upper….” I can’t remember the region she said. I should have asked questions but I was suffering pain and so I didn’t think about it until I left.

Now I don’t know if I should be mildly worried, or just to think that maybe some area wasn’t all that clear last time and they wanted to make sure it was cleared this time. I figure if there was some concern they wouldn’t have waited two years for another test. This is why it was wise to schedule after the wedding.

Not worried, not really, more annoyed at myself for not speaking up at the time. Tiredness made me dull headed.

And wondering about the title, “Don’t you need your dress washed”?  Mr FD asked me just that question on Monday morning. It was what I thought he asked me, anyway. I wondered why he was so concerned about my laundry needs!

In reality he said, “Don’t you need your breasts squashed?” His way of asking me what I was doing Monday afternoon!

Yep, I got the breasts squashed. What did you do with your day?

some wedding guests just want to keep partying

Party on our windowsill this Monday morn – a few rescued wedding decorations who just don’t know when to stop!




We are all in post wedding, go slow mode this morning, but some memories are:

The joy on Daughter2’s as she sat through hair and makeup.

Our rendition of Mammie and Scarlett as we tried to close the dozens of tiny, covered buttons down the back of D2’s wedding dress. The celebrations when we accomplished it (perhaps a little too much pre wedding cheer for D2!)

Two year old Petite Fille standing at the base of a very tall microphone stand trying to sing into the mike.

The look of happiness on Daughter2’s face  as she walked arm an arm with Her About To Be Husband into the wedding ceremony.

The tears in Daughter1’s eyes as she stood beside her sister as maid of honour.

Petite Fille sitting between her Daddy and Son and declaring “It’s like a bus, Daddy! The wheels on the bus!” mid ceremony.

The announcement that new son in law has chosen to take the Flamingo Dancer surname, instead of D2 changing her name. Now officially MR D2.

Son in law Mr Boy wrestling on the floor with a gigantic inflatable pink flamingo trying to deflate it for repacking next morning.

The fun everyone had in the the photo booth – even the oldies!

The super food, the fire twirler, the guests enjoying the giant games. The yummy drinks – Pimms, Moscow Mules and Fat Yak (a Western Australian Beer).

Watching D2 with friends we have watched grow from toddlers to grownups and the bonds they so obviously share.

Everything and everyone.

We are blessed.