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Like the rest of western civilisation, Daughter2 is finding it hard to motivate herself the last few days:

Last night I  decided that I should give up the law and become a DJ (stage name Betty Beats). My appeal would lie in that on the outside I look like an uptight lawyer but I would spin phat beats.  The major benefit (other than fame and fortune) is that although I would have to work during night time hours I would not be required to work during day time hours.  This is a 50% reduction in expected working hours.  Further, I could legitimately tell clients (who I would actually refer to as ‘patrons’ or ‘groupies’) to get f****d and it would not be a sackable offence but in fact likely to increase my popularity. 

She is taking 2 weeks holiday,and coming home for most of it – she feels in need of some Mummy love. Yes, poor girl, gets me!

guest post

Daughter 2 has just emailed me the following:


  Arrived at the gym this morning to find out that Cycle wasn’t on because it was the ‘Christmas Timetable’ but Pump was on.  I do like Pump but it goes for an extra 15mins so things were rather rushed getting in. I just arrived at work sporting a massive pimple only to realise that I’d left my makeup at home. Scrambled frantically through drawers hoping to find any kind of cosmetic to address the situation and randomly came up with a sample of foundation from Napolean Perdis. Who’d a thunk it?! What amazing luck.  I am now in a condition to be seen in public (though a little more tanned looking than normal).  I figure people will  just think I am one of those girls who overdoes the fake tan. 

 However, an hour spent admiring my muscles in the mirrors at the gym has put me in quite a good mood.

 The only blight on my mood is that I didn’t get to do my Christmas baking yesterday 😦 and only two weeks to go! I might try to do some through the week.

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Its someone’s birthday today. We’re having cake. it looks amazing and has smarties on it.

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Sugar rush! My head is spinning!