Saturday night craft

This week’s project for Petite Fille’s Village, is a mushroom house. No pattern, so I can’t blame anyone for bad instructions! I sent a photo to Daughter2 and she said something along the line “Wow, you are fantastic at needle felting” and I replied something along the line “Obviously shows that the craft is for the most craft challenged” . That aside, I am really enjoying the elements of creativity, the relaxation of it all, and the fact that I am crafting something for my grand daughter.

Felted Mushroom HOUSE JAN 2014

I need to craft a base so that it doesn’t have to lean against something. I thought of maybe making something like a grassy knoll by using lavender inside a small bag and needle felting over, so that it is weighted, flexible and the lavender may help to keep insects out during storage, as it will really be a couple of years before everything is completed and the set is given to Petite Fille to play with. It would go straight to her mouth right now!

The creative muse, or is that mouse?

A couple of months ago I recklessly announced that I was going to take up needle felting. I even purchased a beginner’s kit and started to collect “inspirational” photos on Pinterest, before procrastination set in; and a good dose of the fear of failure.

However, I have a dream… yes, indeed a dream. I want to make a “village” of little people and anthropomorphic animals for Petite Fille to play with. Of course, they will be so exquisite they will become a treasured family heirloom.

Late Friday night, which is always the best time to start a new project, I started to make this lovely lady. Flamingo Dancer being Flamingo Dancer, I started at what I found out half way through was an intermediate level project, but after one failed attempt with the head where she ended up looking more like a seal than a mouse, by Sunday night I was ready to announce “She’s  alive, she’s alive!”


As I was “needling” her (this is so the perfect craft for me, as I needle Mr FD so well!) I am sure that she told me her name was Grandma Maude, but no doubt Petite Fille will have her own ideas.

Spurred on by my own brilliance, late Sunday night I started this gentle Forest Gnome. One arm appeared a little shorter than the other early on, which led Mr FD to name her Thalidomide Child, but eventually all appeared to come right to an acceptable degree.

Felted Forest Gnome 1

I customised the patterns a little, as when Daughter1 found out (because I announced it so loudly) that I was making the play set for Petite Fille, she asked for “props” to allow for creative play. So, Grandma Maude got a basket, which I carefully crafted without any instructions. Such artistic talent!

While not a “prop” exactly, I did add hair in a braid to the Forest Girl Gnome, so that her hat could be taken off when she is inside. The instructions said to just felt the hat to the head, so I had to improvise a little to make the hat fit around the head and be able to come off.

Felter Forest Gnome 1 back

I have some wool ordered to make mushrooms, and so I think I will make “Mother Mushroom” next. She will have a red and white spotted cap of course!

All very therapeutic, and I did gain a sense of success right from the outset, which as a teacher I know is important to support motivation and learning. Not so therapeutic  though, when the needle goes into a finger however. The odd bit of my blue blooded DNA is now on some of the wool for future generations wishing to clone me! Win, win all around, I say!