Keep Mr and Mrs GOF in your thoughts

Cyclone Yasi is now a category 5 cyclone and heading directly towards the area where Mr and Mrs GOF reside. As way of explantion, Yasi covers an area equal to the entire United States. It is expected to cross the coast around about 12am Queensland time, with winds reaching or exceeding 280kl an hour. The eye of the storm is 35km in diamenter and is expected to take an hour to pass.

Their horror has already started, so please keep them in your thoughts, and send them positive energy and comfort.

MIL as a young woman went dancing with a man she wanted to become the man of her dreams. It was during WWII and the days of rationing and making do. They we half way around the dance floor when she felt the elastic give way in her panties – and down they slipped. She managed to kick them off as she danced praying no one would notice.. MIL can barely walk now so it is hard to imagine her having the dexterity, but apparently blind panic can help you achieve amazing things.

 The dance finished, and she left the floor pantieless , only to have the band master hold the panties up above his head and declare “Has one of the ladies lost these?”                                                                                               

She did not confess, and she did not win that man of her dreams.

thy name is revenege

Yesterday I had one of those wonderful moments in life that we all crave.

I was driving along the freeway to school, sitting right on the maximum speed limit and a car came from far behind me, drew up then dashed into the lane next to me and sped away. As one does in such instances, I wished that the police would appear and catch the little daredevil.

Well the Big Whatever must have been feeling benevolent this Friday and as I drove a little further, there was the little speedster pulled up by the side of the freeway being booked by a motorcycle cop. He must have been doing well over 10 klms an hour over the speed limit, well above, so his fine will be quite a LARGE one.

Revenge is sweet, even  if lived through someone else. It is also gratifying to know that the Big Whatever is on my quick dial these days.

How are the gold dust collections going, dear readers? Remember I am open for indulgences. Do I need to provide more proof?