Reliquaries, fuddling cups, turnips and Mr FD.

Petite Fille declared this elephant "silly" for standing on his head on the banks of the Brisbane River. Obviously, it forgot which way was up!

Petite Fille declared this elephant “silly” for standing on his head on the banks of the Brisbane River. Obviously, it forgot which way was up!


Thankfully, I am not in a position to be involved in disaster management for the Queensland Museum’s current exhibition, Medieval Power : Symbols and Splendour.   During our visit, yesterday, as part of Mr FD’s birthday celebration, we played a game of “what two items would you save” and my choice did not fall to papal rings, or a saintly reliquary. I chose a combination ear scoop and tooth pick, and a minuscule fuddling cup.

To me, they were the most interesting artefacts in the display, and preferred over the dozens of noble seals that were on display. We debated whether the word befuddled orientated from the concept of a fuddling cup, on the journey home. We all agreed it probably did.

Prior to visiting the exhibition we (Mr FD, Daughter1, Petite Fille, my sister and I) enjoyed a lovely lunch at the GOMA Bistro, overlooking the Brisbane River. We toasted Mr FD with a glass of white. I chose the watercress, peach, salami, truffled mozzarela and capers salad, as did my sister which did not disappoint either of us. Mr FD chose the steak. Later we enjoyed slice of Opera cake with coffee before we drove back to The Village.

Petite Fille, unlike most children rarely falls asleep in a the car, but after a swimming lesson in the morning and a day walking around museums and galleries, for once succumbed to slumber.

She had been quite excited that the day was to celebrate Grandpa’s birthday. I had barely risen from bed when she was pleading to make Grandpa a birthday cake. I made the mistake of allowing her to sort through my collection of cake tins, and that is how we came to bake a ginger cake in a gingerbread man tin! Ho ho Grandpa!

I think it was one of the more memorable birthdays of recent times for Mr FD. He continued his celebrations into the evening, enjoying a drink or two before bed. The day must have led to the land of dreams, for I heard him mutter in his sleep, “I can’t help it, it is turning into a turnip!”

good, better, best

I am not saying I did, positively, but there is a strong possibility that I may have indulged to the extreme limits of  gastronomic delight.

This was my birthday lunch,

Australians call them prawns, not shrimp. Shrimp are teeny tiny, well, shrimp.

Australians call them prawns, not shrimp. Shrimp are teeny tiny, well, shrimp.

and this was my birthday dinner.

seafood chowder, cooked by the best chef - me!

seafood chowder, cooked by the best chef – me!

Followed by the last slice of birthday chocolate cake and vanilla greek yoghurt.

Tick for  the daily omega 3!

Today I am off to the city to for a sleep over (until Thursday) with Petite Fille. I have booked in-home massages for Daughter1 and self on Thursday morning too.

The first week of the rest of my life is looking better than good – the best!

not a difficult blessing to count at all!

Today was a family perfect day. We met Daughter1, Mr Boy and Petite Fille for lunch before returning back to our house so that Petite Fille could have an afternoon nap while we devoured birthday cake (or maybe that should be pre-birthday cake as my birthday is not until Monday).

D1 was experimenting with eggless cake recipes as Petite Fille has an egg allergy, and also used dextrose instead of sugar as they try to be sugar free (Mr Boy is more committed to this than Daughter1). I have to happily admit that her efforts were delicious.


Petite Fille put up a few protests before settling for her nap, and when she cried, Augie Dog stood at the door and whined, and once barked in agitation at her distress. Once she settled he did too. She slept for over two hours before waking for a bowl of strawberries and a walk around the garden with Grandma (me!).

My Dad would always take the babies and toddlers for walks around their suburban garden each visit, and now I get the joy of following in his footsteps. It is amazing how many times I catch myself doing something with Petite Fille that I know my parents did with my children.

Maybe in this every changing world, there really are some things that stay the same – the love of a grandparent and a grandchild. I would like to believe so anyway.

Go, Go, Easter Bunny.

librarian happy

We held a “Great Race” at school in which each home group had to follow a set of clues around the school to see who could stay together as a group and collect the most clues. The learning intention was communication and group work.

We worked to a plan in my home class. I read them the rules prior to the event, we elected a group leader who everyone knew they had to work with and group around, and I prepped them on working as a group. They were ready to run as soon as they were told Go!

There are 48 homes classes, and my home class came in fifth, which I think is a fantastic effort. I was so proud of them. Their reward was a handful of solid chocolate easter eggs each.

It has been a bit of a chocolate week. Yesterday the staff in our building threw a birthday morning tea in my honour (my birthday is next Monday, but we will be on holiday). Chocolate cupcakes! There was so much food and one has to have a piece of everything when one is the guest of honour. Maybe I should have completed the run with my home class instead of sitting in the shade and taste testing the chocolate eggs with the other teachers…

One more day and then Easter holidays!

librarian happy

raindrops and linen sheets

Woke at 7am, made breakfast for Augie Dog and myself, Mr FD still slumbering, then Augie and I went back to bed. I woke with a start at 11.30am, Mr FD still beside me. We had a lunch reservation for 12, a celebration for Mr FD’s birthday which is tomorrow – we were only five minutes late! Not that it really mattered as it was not at any michelin star restaurant, but the local pub. We ordered their fish platters, which had those lovely chips (fries) that were crunchy on the outside and fluffy inside.




The pub is popular with family groups and on this rainy Sunday was busy, noisy and stuffy. A cup of coffee and we were done. We drove home, my tummy working hard to digest the heavy fare.

So, what better place to digest than back in bed? I climbed back under the sheets and slept until 5pm, when I rose and fed Augie Dog again. I couldn’t face dinner.

A Sunday to be recommended to all.

The icing on the cake

Consider it the First Birthday party to top all First birthday Parties. The bar has been set.

It was a lovely celebration for our Petite Fille, who arrived fashionably late after a morning nap. The party was hosted by her other Grandmother, The City Grandma, which suited us so well, as the chaos and destruction at party’s end was all hers. (We did remember our manners in time, though nap time beckoned after so many hours of being nice, and remained behind to assist with righting the mess.)

Even Petite Fille’s new little twin cousins, now four months old, came and despite their best efforts at being cute and cuddly twin boys, didn’t steal her thunder. Not that she would have allowed that to happen, she is my granddaughter after all! I can never work out cousin relationships, I mean the boys are the children of Mr RD niece, so does that make them third cousins? Once people start talking first cousins once removed I get totally lost, as it sounds too much like a mathematical equation, and as we all know this teacher librarian does not do math.

Petite Fille has never eaten sugar, her father the food technologist rather dedicated to a no sugar lifestyle for her, so when she got to eat her birthday cake her face lit up. She was allowed seconds.


I teased her Daddy that it was all over now, she was obviously a sugar addict, but her ensuring pig out on fruit put paid to that theory pretty soon.

So birthday season is open in the Flamingo Dancer household. Son’s birthday is next Friday. He is somewhat older than one, but a cake is still on the menu. His eating style may be much the same though!

Ladybird, ladybird, stay awhile

Tomorrow is Petite Fille’s first birthday party, though her actual birthday is Sunday. Sunday she is being baptised (yes, it has taken a little time for her Mummy and Daddy to organise things). Can you believe it is a whole year since our granddaughter was born?  It does remind me how quickly time passes, yet again.

Petite Fille is having a Ladybird birthday party with all her Mummy and Daddy’s friends and their children, as well as all the babies from her play group. Her Aunty, Daughter2 is flying home from Perth, not just for the party, but to be godmother next day. Son is to be godfather. (Her Daddy is an only child so no family to choose there). More cake, and Sunday her actual birthday is when we will give her our gifts.

Daughter1 has asked their friends not to buy Petite Fille any gifts, as she already has so much, rather to bring a plate of food for lunch, which makes things much easier. I am in charge of the cake.

In the past, I made all sorts of cakes for our children, but it has been a few years now, and as there are so many people coming to the birthday party, I didn’t feel all that confident. Luckily, I was able to find a woman who lives in The Village, who makes and decorates cake, and for just $70 (compared to $240 in Brisbane) she baked an egg free, nut free cake, and decorated it as well.

First Birthday 2014

Now I just have to get it to Brisbane in one piece!