The icing on the cake

Consider it the First Birthday party to top all First birthday Parties. The bar has been set.

It was a lovely celebration for our Petite Fille, who arrived fashionably late after a morning nap. The party was hosted by her other Grandmother, The City Grandma, which suited us so well, as the chaos and destruction at party’s end was all hers. (We did remember our manners in time, though nap time beckoned after so many hours of being nice, and remained behind to assist with righting the mess.)

Even Petite Fille’s new little twin cousins, now four months old, came and despite their best efforts at being cute and cuddly twin boys, didn’t steal her thunder. Not that she would have allowed that to happen, she is my granddaughter after all! I can never work out cousin relationships, I mean the boys are the children of Mr RD niece, so does that make them third cousins? Once people start talking first cousins once removed I get totally lost, as it sounds too much like a mathematical equation, and as we all know this teacher librarian does not do math.

Petite Fille has never eaten sugar, her father the food technologist rather dedicated to a no sugar lifestyle for her, so when she got to eat her birthday cake her face lit up. She was allowed seconds.


I teased her Daddy that it was all over now, she was obviously a sugar addict, but her ensuring pig out on fruit put paid to that theory pretty soon.

So birthday season is open in the Flamingo Dancer household. Son’s birthday is next Friday. He is somewhat older than one, but a cake is still on the menu. His eating style may be much the same though!

We are young and free, and um, girt by sea!

Today is Australia Day. It is a national holiday, and as you read this I hope that I am still asleep in bed. It is a day for family and bar-b-cues (no, not shrimp, we call them prawns) and be grateful to having the luck to be living in this wonderful country.

Ivy Shilling, 1913

Afternoon tea in a Gilderoy giant tree, ca.1900

Antoinette Hurley knitting whilst her son, Frank Junior, plays with a stuffed toy, 1924

Bifocal glasses on a chicken at the Royal Agricultural Show, New South Wales, 6 September, 1962

Bondi beach girl 1962

Fancy dress parade of internees, Torrens Island internment camp, South Australia circa 1915

Soap making, Banka Banka Station, Northern Territory, c.1963

The First Australians by Belinda Wright, National Geographic 1988

Wombat on a trike. Cary Bay Zoo, Lake Macquarie, NSW, 1954.

Dr Penfold’s first vineyard at Magill, Adelaide for medicinal purposes circa 1958

Fern by Paula McManus

Fireplace of the first office of the Broken Hill Proprietary Company 1885 (BHP)

kangaroo baby

Ayer's Rock or Uluru