run sheets, bucket lists and a wedding day



In that crazy place parents find themselves on the eve of their child’s wedding. Tomorrow is Daughter2’s wedding.

Tonight we are home in the country, D2 is city side with her beau. According to the run sheet I am to be in the city at their hotel for hair and makeup at 9.30am. So that means we have to be on the road by 8am. It is a 2pm wedding.

I only arrived back from the city this evening. I was to be home last night, to have today to prepare, but like all good planning schedules things blew out and things go added, and so I really just came home to collect clothes and to organise Mr FD and Son.

Only major issue was that the DJ for the music suffered burns to his hands in an accident and so a replacement had to be found, which it was at 1pm this afternoon.

This is not a traditional wedding – think urban bohemian. It is in a warehouse; vertical gardens and all. A series of food trucks will feed the hordes throughout the evening : Pop Taco, BBQ Truck and Vira Lata (Brazilian/ Portuguese food) . There is a dessert bar in there somewhere, and Moscow Mules and Pimms to drink as well. There is also this  and this and a photo booth. Oh and sparklers.

I may need a big lie down by the end of it.


a bit of a cow really

cowsA bride price was agreed between the fathers. Daughter2 is to be accompanied by 12 cows when she marries her beau!

No one is quite sure how the arrangement came to be made, it may have been the wine at lunch, but Mr FD and beau’s father bonded over livestock and on the drive home Daughter was informed she was worth 12 cows.

I guess, I could always needle felt twelve cows…

a flurry in the nest


Glad tidings of great joy – Daughter2 and her Lovely Man have just become engaged while on a magical and now, no doubt memorable, long weekend in Bali. I believe a ring bearing pink Argyle diamonds has been presented, in honour of their first meeting in Perth, Western Australia.

A most lovely addition to the son in law flock, may I add!

Friday, raindrops and flowers

flowers 1

Overnight downpour had me searching online for road closures and flood warnings, and all seemed okay so I went to school. Midmorning I received an alert from niece who informed me a major flood warning had been issued for our area, so I made a very hasty exit from school and drove home.

Not sure what to expect, I quickly stopped at the supermarket and stocked up on bread, milk and chicken for Augie Dog (he eats dry food and chicken breasts – and toast!).

Luckily the rain had stopped so the creek levels peaked lower than expected, not that some people in lower areas weren’t impacted, but our road stayed open.

I was only home an hour or so when Minerva, my erstwhile assistant sent through a message to tell me that flowers had been delivered to the library for me. Daughter2 had arranged for flowers to be delivered to the school NEXT Friday for my birthday (not next Friday), just to give me the thrill of receiving flowers in the workplace and they had been delivered This Friday. Minerva has put them in the fridge to help keep fresh until Monday.

D2 complained and so the florist is providing more flowers next Friday. I shall have the admin secretaries all atwitter  at having two flower deliveries in a week. Hopefully, it won’t rain and I am there to receive them- it will be the last day of term too!


And yes, I do have the most wonderful children in the world. It is only to be expected.



It was a bad day, at the end of a long, hot, bad week. I emailed Daughter2 that I just wanted to survive the next couple of days. D2 made a remark wondering what life might be like in twenty years for me.

“I shall have alzheimer’s and sit on a chair while everyone runs around doing everything for me,” I replied. “And I am going to say f*ck it! to everything and everyone that annoys me. You will all think it is the dementia with a touch of tourettes, but I will really mean it.”

“I will know, and I may wash your mouth out with soap” D2 emailed back.

“Then I shall go on YouTube and tell the world how you treat a poor old lady…”

In my old age I shall be formidable as always!


Incredibly busy weekend as Daughter2 flew home from Perth to see her Uncle BIL in palliative care. Mr FD and I still have respiratory infections so we were unable to visit with BIL, instead taking D2 to the hospital and then spending time in the cafeteria while she was with her uncle. He asked her to come back in the afternoon, after he had rested a little, and so we went and had lunch before she returned for a second visit. We couldn’t face the cafeteria a second time, so Mr FD and I put the seats back in our car and listened to Neil Gaiman’s American Gods.

I think we dozed more than we listened because it was nearly an hour later that I actually thought about the narrative we were listening to and realised that the CD player had some how been switched to random and so we had been listening to the chapters out of order! No, not a drop of alcohol or any of BIL’s medication had passed our lips.

Then we took D2 back to Brisbane where she spent the night with her sister, before they drove out to us, with Petite Fille for lunch and a visit with their Grandmother in her care facility. D2 then had the 5 hour flight back to Perth to be at work Monday morning!

Weekends are so segmented these days. Visits with BIL, my mother and then time spent with Petite Fille as we want to be a real part of her life. Two days are just not enough, and then there are my continual health issues, an immune system that can be challenged by a butterfly flapping its wings in an Amazonian rainforest!

I miss D2 dreadfully since she moved to Perth. She has built a good life there, even appearing to have met Mr Right. We are yet to meet Mr Right due to the tyranny of distance, but all signs (Mum, we are moving in together!) are that he is a permanent family member now. Hopefully, by Christmas we shall meet and greet, and not frighten him with our magnificence too much. At least he has Mr Boy (Petite Fille’s daddy) to look to for survival advice!

Children come to share your nest, then they leave for their own lives, before returning to make that nest bigger and better. And so it goes…

obviously not a fan

Jerry Schatzberg (1)

Interstate based Daughter2 reported that she had been suffering a bout of homesickness and so resorted to reading my blog for comfort.

“I found that Dad is still talking in his sleep and you still have a stick, everyone is still weird so I got over my homesickness pretty fast!”

And may you have a daughter just like you one day…

“Mothers are all slightly insane.”
― J.D. Salinger, The Catcher in the Rye

How much do I love you, let me list the ways…

Ladies with hats

Tomorrow I fly home, leaving Daughter2 to her new life in Perth. She “suggested” that I dedicate a post to her and tell everyone how wonderful she is and how much I love her. Really, where does she get it?

My children are the most important people in my life, as is Mr FD and the rest of the clan. I love them all dearly, and of course they all adore me.

If I ever grow up, I know I want to be like Daughter2 who has perfected living in the moment. D2 is confident and sure in what she likes and “dislikes” (I say “hate” which annoys her beyond belief and makes it all the more enjoyable for me). Every thing she does is performed with calmness and thought, even the choosing of a tea, or a hand cream. Life is a series of small moments, from the glass she drinks from and what she drinks, to the shower caddy in her bathroom and the soap she uses. Quality, beauty, function and form; never quantity.

Every restaurant she has taken me to on this trip has been designed to give us a new experience. At the same time our food is chosen to provide health and goodness. Our activities provide activity for our brains and our bodies. It is pure joy to trail behind her as she makes her way through her day.

My children have all taught me things over the years. From this daughter I have learned how to treasure new experiences, push through old boundaries, fears and what seems insurmountable obstacles; embrace the untried and search for that which will help me grow in mind and body. Organisation, focus and purpose are as natural as breathing to her (now I know she was switched at birth) and every moment is treated with respect and gratitude.

I marvel at her ability to make friends and continue long and often distant friendships. Her delight in making others happy is a pleasure to witness. She finds being nice no effort unlike her mother, though she can threaten to kill me should I not reign in my true instincts. Some might consider that a public service, however!

So yes, she is wonderful to me, and yes, I do love her with all my might, but more than that, she is a good person, a successful and independent woman, and a caring soul. I am proud and humbled to be her mother. Thank you for being my daughter, and for a lovely and highly memorable week. Mama loves you.

And did I mention she is unmarried? Talk to the mother.