Dreams are made of this

Last night, Peppercorn, now aged two and one quarter years, was having trouble sleeping. Her parents both had work today. So I gathered Peppercorn up in her Grobag/sleeping bag and carried her out to the balcony overlooking the river.

it was raining and we could hear the rain joining the river and see the lights of the high rises in the CBD disappear behind mist and fog. An event centre on the opposite river bank had string of lights, ending in a bright blue light that dazzled Peppercorn.

She cuddled into my arms and we chattered very softly under she started to yawn and rub her eyes, ready to settle back into sleep.

i know she won’t remember our night time moment, but I know I will for it was so precious. The city, the river and the rain as we sat together in the night shadows. Feeling very, very grateful and lucky today.

A week in the life of a teacher librarian

edutech 1

The conference was great, well, elements were great, others were hoohum, as all conferences are, but on the whole I found much to ponder and reflect upon.

The first day I was like a honey pot around which a couple of colleagues form other schools swarmed around. Possessing a magnetic personality can be such a burden at times. The second day I was solo all day, as we followed different conference streams, and these days I prefer that.

My motel room with its city views was a room overlooking a building site, on a bust inner city road. The footpath to the motel was blocked and so I had to walk a block out of my way to circumvent the building site to reach the motel at the end of the day which impressed me not, but I broke the budget and ordered a glass of wine along with my room service dinner.

edutech 6

city views!

The next morning, suitcase in hand I decided not to walk back to the convention centre and so asked for a taxi. A very polite driver who almost drove us in front of a bus and then in his haste almost reversed over a woman walking across the motel drive way. The short drive was less eventful but did feel longer than it should have!

Day to was in the ballroom

Day Two started in the ballroom

My major grump was about the little things that can make a conference less of a positive experience – not enough food at some breaks,  a lack of seats to sit upon when eating, and surfaces to rest a glass or cup during a meal too. The food was all finger or fork food, but as you had to leave the food area with drink and food, if you couldn’t claim one of the few standing tables or rare seats well then you were in for a juggling act. I twittered my annoyance at having to sit on the floor, more than once.

might be a floor seat, but damn my shoes look great

might be a floor seat, but damn my shoes look great

I am becoming more and more angry about the lack of creativity and innovation in my school, and if I had the flexibility might consider branching into something new, but I am in my late fifties now, and the main bread winner and so I am rather constrained in my possibilities. It’s bubbling around in my consciousness now, the need to create and innovate is growing, and so I may just increase my environment scanning. I’ve never been afraid of career change, but I am realistic that being in my last fifties, well, in Australia that means possibilities are not plentiful. Ageism is alive and flourishing sadly.

Garbed in her trusty scarf and socks, Flamingo Dancer goes forth to fight ignorance and information overload everywhere!

Garbed in her trusty scarf and socks, Flamingo Dancer goes forth to fight ignorance and information overload everywhere!

On the home front, Daughter 1 celebrated a birthday and Petite Fille and I baked a chocolate cherry cake. It was delicious even if I do say so myself.


Peppercorn goes to ground!

Peppercorn, who turns six months this coming week is crawling! That baby can certainly work a rug, and loves nothing better than to roll and crawl about the floor. I think she gets very frustrated by the constraints of her baby body! She reminds me of her mother as a baby so much – very determined and already setting her own achievement goals. I miss them dreadfully since they returned to home.

Another three or four weeks until Petite Fille and her parents will return to their own home, renovations complete. I guess life will return to normal, though I am not sure I will recognise normal anymore!

End of vacation blues

There goes those two weeks! New school term tomorrow, and I honest to the Big Whatever have done no preparation beyond wadding through my email inbox. Deleting emails took an hour, and by that time I was so over school that I closed my school laptop and put it in the car, where it can languish until tomorrow!

I am covering a colleague’s ICT class for four weeks so will be refreshing my coding skills. He is not a man to introduce anything new, so I can trust that nothing has changed in the unit since I taught it last year.

Over the break, I have had swarms of ideas running through my head for the library, but I need to sift and filter (do sift and filter mean the same, or is one more intense. I hope so, since my word choice!) I have neither time, energy nor assistance to do a lot of big picture stuff, but I will just try to do what I can do, one day at a time.

The manga and anime club kicks off this term with Manga Tuesday. Initial interest was about 40 students, but I expect that to be somewhat less when the day arrives. I am allowing the students to run it, as while I stock the graphic novels, I really don’t know the genre at all, so I am praying some of the older, or more enthusiastic students take up leadership.

Missing my Perth based Peppercorn.

four months

ready for swimming lessons!

However, home was where Petite Fille was waiting, with a butterfly cake that she had decorated with flowers. It was an earl grey tea cake with chocolate lavender icing. Yes, it was yum!

cake 58


days of pearls and swine, and maybe wine

Pierre Cardin 1

When Minerva started back to work on Monday I sent her a text saying blithely, “The sooner you start the year, the sooner it will be over.” Now that I have to walk through the school gates tomorrow morning I just think, f*ck!

Mr FD was brave enough to offer the suggestion that “It will be nice to see you all your friends again,” and I actually allowed him to continue breathing.

If I wanted to catch up with “friends” from work, I would ask Minerva out to coffee.

Not that I am not “friendly” in the work place. In fact, I try to be everyone’s friend, to a point. I am not a socialising buddy, but in meetings I allow people to sit beside me. That’s a kindness as far as I am concerned. I am witty and entertaining as you would expect, great company in fact. However, I don’t think of them as friends. Three weeks after anyone leaves a workplace it is “who?” I’ve seen it happen over and over again. Don’t think you are irreplaceable or will be missed; there is always someone else to fill the chair.

Lordy, cynical and depressed, what a mix.

I can’t control tomorrow and my need for a wage, but at least I spent the day making some healthy snacks to take to school over the next week or so. I baked my mediterranean muffins, as well as a batch of flaxseed and rolled oat cookies. I also bought a large bag of nuts to keep in my desk drawer for when the munchies hit, or those days when it is too busy to stop for lunch and I can eat a handful of nuts on the way to class, or a meeting.

The changes I asked for late last year appear to be working their way through the system. Emails have already gone out initiating some of the changes, including not sending students to the library when they choose not to bring their laptop to school. The ones in most need of doing their work naturally are the ones who do this, and it follows that even when they get sent to the library, without real supervision they do nothing except cause trouble.  I am grateful that the Principal is willing to work with me and not just apportion blame on the person highlighting the problem,  rather than see where the real issues lie.

I slept in, and then dashed downtown to get a blood test. I have been trying to eat more healthily since the end of school and wanted to see if my evil cholesterol had decreased in anyway – before my bad school term habits set in again. I have no illusion that they will. On the positive side when I was in the doctor’s surgery last week my blood pressure was absolutely normal. White coat syndrome didn’t hit for once. Of course I still take medication for it; I suspect I always will.

When I returned home from the testing I made a last day of holiday breakfast of pancakes, bacon, eggs and tomatoes. Augie did his bacon dance, which consists of dashing back and forth behind me as I cook and naturally garnered bacon as well. We had sausages for dinner and he scored one of those too. Bad dog!

Dear little Peppercorn, now six weeks old and weighing three pound more that her birth weight, has been diagnosed as being partially tongue and lip tied. She is to have laser surgery tomorrow morning.

It breaks my heart that she has to undergo medical treatment, even though we know it is for the best. It’s fixable, I know, and not life threatening, but to think that tiny little bundle has to undergo pain and discomfort is just horrible. Luckily, her paternal grandparents are staying in Perth and so will be there to help with her recovery. Arms to nurse her when she is sad. They are as in love with her as we are. Her favourite spot is sleeping on her Grandpa. Her Daddy’s family is a very loving family, so Peppercorn is blessed to have so many people to love and care for her. Like all grandparents, we would gladly suffer the pain for her. I am trying to not think about it, and I suppose the one blessing of going back to work is that I will be occupied.

Anyway, I just wanted to warn you the craziness it about to recommence. Hold you to your hat! Better still, stock the liquor cabinet.



Baby update

baby girl pink

Peppercorn was delivered a couple weeks early as had she had ceased to progress in the womb. She experienced some rapid breathing after birth, and was taken to the care nursery. That settled but then she became clammy and they thought she might have had low blood sugar, so have been treating that. Peppercorn will feed with her Mummy this morning and if all progresses will leave the nursery this afternoon, Perth time.

THEN she can make acquaintance with her fabulous Grandma Flamingo Dancer. Peppercorn appears to have inherited the red locks of her father’s Scottish ancestry, but she has her mother’s rose bud mouth. Naturally she will have her Grandmother’s command of life, love and the stick list!

My nefarious plan to populate the world with female Flamingo Dancers is going according to schedule – two granddaughters to carry the stick now!

Life doesn’t get any better than this!