Just pucker and toot

dog 1

Three year old Petite Fille’s one ambition in life is to whistle. We spend quite a bit of time trying to whistle. I naturally amaze her with my whistling repotoire, especially my rendition of “Home on the Range.”

Being a Flamingo Dancer, a junior one perhaps, but one none the less, Petite Fille, does not allow a lack of technique to hold her back. Instead, she makes her own sound that registers more like a train toot which she follows with an announcement  that she is whistling to inform those within hearing know that they are being treated to a a musical wonderment.

Mostly, she whistles when she wants to call Augie Dog. So she toot toots and says “I am whistling”.

And Augie Dog comes.

That dog will leave his lying position; he does a lot of lying around, a bit like Mr FD his constant companion. Anyway, he actually gets up, the dog, not Mr FD, only food and the need to pee motivates MR FD to move. As I was saying, the dog will get up and join Petite Fille as if he really was called.

I suppose he is being called, just in toddler speak. I guess animals and children speak a language we adults have long forgotten – things don’t have to be perfect, to be perfect.

Of course I can, said the brush to the comb.


Favourite memory of the weekend is of three year old, Petite Fille, using a hair brush and comb as her violin and bow. Perky nose wrinkled tight for she was concentrating very hard, as brush tucked under her tiny chin, she hummed a high pitched melody as she drew the comb back and forth through the brush bristles.

We exclaimed at her talent and suggested that one day she would play for an audience and they would rise to their feet to clap their appreciation and Petite Fille merely nodded and said, “Of course they will.”

Her Daddy entered the room and we asked her for an encore. “Of course, I can!” she consented.

No one ever played a brush and comb with such delicate touch and feeling.

To achieve, first we must believe.

End of vacation blues

There goes those two weeks! New school term tomorrow, and I honest to the Big Whatever have done no preparation beyond wadding through my email inbox. Deleting emails took an hour, and by that time I was so over school that I closed my school laptop and put it in the car, where it can languish until tomorrow!

I am covering a colleague’s ICT class for four weeks so will be refreshing my coding skills. He is not a man to introduce anything new, so I can trust that nothing has changed in the unit since I taught it last year.

Over the break, I have had swarms of ideas running through my head for the library, but I need to sift and filter (do sift and filter mean the same, or is one more intense. I hope so, since my word choice!) I have neither time, energy nor assistance to do a lot of big picture stuff, but I will just try to do what I can do, one day at a time.

The manga and anime club kicks off this term with Manga Tuesday. Initial interest was about 40 students, but I expect that to be somewhat less when the day arrives. I am allowing the students to run it, as while I stock the graphic novels, I really don’t know the genre at all, so I am praying some of the older, or more enthusiastic students take up leadership.

Missing my Perth based Peppercorn.

four months

ready for swimming lessons!

However, home was where Petite Fille was waiting, with a butterfly cake that she had decorated with flowers. It was an earl grey tea cake with chocolate lavender icing. Yes, it was yum!

cake 58


Easter, teeth, trump and the anti-christ.

tea and pearls

Breathing space, today, Good Friday and the first day of two weeks of term break. Assignments have been marked, so nothing hanging over my head; though I will do some work over the break as I am covering a colleague’s ICT class while he is on four weeks long service leave and need to refresh my knowledge of coding, and I want to prepare a few library projects for the start of term. Not a busman’s holiday; a teacher librarian’s holiday!

Major catastrophe in Petite Fille’s world last weekend when she face planted into the end of her bed and pushed a front tooth back. The screams of pain were horrendous we were told, but Mr FD and I asleep at the other end of the house slept through the whole drama.  Real wood doors! When I arose, her Mummy, Daughter 1 was trying to find a dentist open on a Sunday morning. Eventually they found one about an hour and a half drive from our Village, but it was worth it as he deemed the damage was less than feared.

My new information for the week was that if a tooth is pushed back more than 3mm or interferes with the bite, the dentist will remove it. Petite Fille’s was less than 3mm. Her gum turned black and blue, and her face was bruised around her mouth and she barely ate for a day or two, but is now declaring it “a little better”.

One issue that upset D1 was that when she rang the Children’s Health Line, that they appeared to be taking data as though she was a child beater rather than a distressed Mum. They also did nothing to assist her in finding a dentist or any medical help. We have access to the internet and strong information skills so solved our own problem, but a lot of other people would have been left feeling isolated and anxious to say the least. Sometimes, the government is such an ass.

Governments being asses just made me think of Trump and the horror of the world having to deal with such a bully. My hopes are with the democrats in that they can mobilise more people to vote in November and nip the Trump Terror in the bud. I have heard the word anti-christ used in the same sentence as the word Trump more than once lately.

Oh, that might have been me.

Grandma’s special sausages


Petite Fille was walking through our large garden with Grandpa Mr FD and I.  Pausing by the fire pit that the previous owners had built and Grandpa Mr FD explained to Petite Fille what is was.

“That’s a fire pit.”

I should have known better, but I flippantly added to Mr FD, “That’s where I will burn your body.”

My little echo, 3 year old, Petite Fille, “What’s a burn your body? What’s a burn your body?”

“Grandma meant sausages. That’s where we can cook sausages.”

Back in the house I told Petite Fille’s Daddy of my misdemeanour.

“It’s where we cook sausages, isn’t it Petite Fille?”I added as she appeared again.

Daddy mischievously adds, “Shhh that’s a family secret. We don’t tell people about our sausages.”

Poor child doesn’t stand a hope of being normal.

head matters


The alarm didn’t go off this morning – because it is Saturday! Yay Day. It’s almost over though, and that is heart breaking. As we have all sadly noted, weekend pass too quickly.

I have promised Petite Fille that she can help me make a birthday cake for Uncle Son when she wakes from her afternoon nap. Earlier today we agreed that if we danced too hard and our heads fell plop! onto the ground that Uncle Son would screw then back on, because he is very good at fixing things. I think that knowledge is helping her to sleep soundly in her bed. Head issues all resolved, tick!

Another major life issue solved.





hot as hades, and damn those couches.


Monday, 39C and 88% humidity. It is the humidity that is the real kicker in Queensland. It was a miserable school day for anyone who could not find a space with air conditioning and much of our school is not air conditioned. Most the the classrooms have been designed without any acknowledgement of our climate. Too many generations have clung to British tradition and the architecture of colder climates. Some of our newer classrooms have walls of folding doors that allow the classroom to open to the exterior. There used to be a ruling that if the temperature reached 41C then school could be cancelled, but with so many working Mums it is no longer feasible to send students home.

Monday is a non teaching day for me, so I had the gift of my air conditioned office to retreat. Minerva has a work room she can retreat to, but as it is peak textbook borrowing time she spent long periods at the circulation desk surrounded by smelly teenage bodies in the heat. Dedication.

Tomorrow is expected to be hotter.

I know snow is not the romantic stuff it appears in the pictures, but we wouldn’t mind changing places for an hour or two. As long as we could stay inside with a fire and a book of course!

Petite Fille looked at our silent fireplace yesterday, a day equally hot and pleaded her case for the fire to be lit. I said we only used it in cold weather. Her reply? She pretended to shiver, “I am very freezy Grandma.” Ah no.

Trying to refigure the furniture placement of the library to combat some of the behaviour issues we experienced in the library last year. The furniture was purchased before I arrived and while it all seemed wonderful as it arrived, time has proved that is was not what we needed. It was furniture more at home in a bookshop/coffeeshop – couches. They encourage too much socialising and that leads to behaviour issues , especially as the majority of our visitors are boys just wanting to “chill out”.

We are endeavouring to have them understand that the Library is not an extension of the playground; not a club hang out. We don’t expect them to be as quiet as a mouse, but we want inside voices, not playground voices. Luckily, the Principal is 110% with me, and so we are working through it all.

I am enough of a realistic to know that if I don’t make inroads, then a mighty kick will no doubt follow, so I am documenting everything, good and bad, as is Minerva. Positive energy, innovative ideas and creativity is what I asked Santa for…we will see how much he delivered as time goes on.


The richest woman in the world


No, I have not run away, I have been in the City visiting Petite Fille. One morning we went to the State Library and GOMA.

As soon as I walk into the children’s play area of the State Library I always have such a pang of desire to be a little person’s Librarian. I have such envy of what a large budget and a team of creative artists can do for a Librarian!

Petite Fille had great fun making peg people and playing in cardboard houses.

I am not one of those Grandmas who take over a child’s craft project. If Petite Fille wants to cover her peg lady in wool hair from top to toe she can. As well, she can wrap the whole lot tight in an arm’s length of sticky tape if the whim takes hold.


We had morning tea in the garden cafe at GOMA and I walked with Petite Fille through the water feature. At first she was frightened and held my hand as we walked over the stepping stones. As we retraced our steps a few times, she gradually let go of my hand. I walked beside her, then behind her, until I quietly stopped and waited as she walked across herself, unaware I was no longer following. We both clapped our hands in joy as she realised “I did it!”

It might be a small thing to others, but it was a very special moment for me. It makes me happy just to think of her happy little face as she experienced overcoming her fear and experiencing success.

The next afternoon her parents went to the movies and dinner, leaving Petite Fille and I home alone. I wore pink fairy wings, a blue tiara and danced with my magic wand with Petite Fille. We also built a house with two chairs and a blanket under which we shared tea.

Petite Fille stopped mid fantasy and said,”Grandma, I like playing with you.”

Earlier, she had told her mother that “Grandma is my very best friend.”

The gift of a three year olds love – what more could anyone want in life?

psst over here… don’t tell

I promised that I wouldn’t put photos of Petite Fille on my blog…but, this past week she has been incredibly cute as only a two and a half year can be…

Petite Fille has a couple of favourite things. Yes, Peppa Pig, but also robots, dinosaurs and Beatrix Potter’s Mr Jeremy Fisher. Recently, she went to the Museum to see the dinosaur exhibition, which she did with a mix of excitement, awe and a little terror.

Then she spied a frog eyed head band, and a display of ties, and begged her mother please, please… and we have our very own Mr Jeremy Fisher.

Dinosaur friends 2

And her favourite book for the moment? “No-Bot, the Robot with No Bottom” from her Grandma (moi). Petite Fille knows the sight of a parcel from Book Depository better than just about anything and is always ready for a new surprise from Grandma, who is only too happy to feed her book habit.


second best


I crept into Petite Fille’s room as she awoke from her afternoon nap. I had stopped by the bookshop after the conference and purchased her a lift the flap book with dinosaurs. I knew she would love it.

Hiding the book behind my back, I enticed her “What if Grandma had a surprise for you, behind her back? What surprise do you think Grandma might have for Petite Fille?”

Her excitement was palpable. She whispered her answer, expectation shinning in her eyes. “A little man wearing a party hat!”

Well, I guess I can take solace in the fact that Petite Fille has great imagination…