Dreams are made of this

Last night, Peppercorn, now aged two and one quarter years, was having trouble sleeping. Her parents both had work today. So I gathered Peppercorn up in her Grobag/sleeping bag and carried her out to the balcony overlooking the river.

it was raining and we could hear the rain joining the river and see the lights of the high rises in the CBD disappear behind mist and fog. An event centre on the opposite river bank had string of lights, ending in a bright blue light that dazzled Peppercorn.

She cuddled into my arms and we chattered very softly under she started to yawn and rub her eyes, ready to settle back into sleep.

i know she won’t remember our night time moment, but I know I will for it was so precious. The city, the river and the rain as we sat together in the night shadows. Feeling very, very grateful and lucky today.

A view from my chair

After several tumultuous months we are seeing hope, peace and simplicity on our horizon. Today I have a superb view of the Brisbane River from my armchair in our Daughter’s apartment. It may be a cloudy day, but I have the river and all its sounds and activity, as well a couple of great books and a superb bottle of white chilling. All I have to do is prepare dinner!

If I get energetic, I can go downstairs and sit on the lawn and watch the world go by…

Being a bird brain may be okay

bird brain 1

Mr FD spent an amusing twenty minutes watching three baby birds play in our garden.

One chick would roll itself into a fluffy ball and roll about the lawn. Another was a little more creative, throwing itself onto its back, legs ramrod straight, and played dead; until its siblings came near to investigate and then it would jump at them! A jokester in every family!

Mother Bird tolerated the later behaviour for several minutes until she reached her limit and gave Chick a nudge to behave.

Kids are the same, nature over, and so are mothers. There’s a deal of comfort in that thought.

It started with a coffee; or Mr and Mrs. FD’s Saturday adventure.

The plan was a coffee and then to the supermarket. We had the coffee, or Breakfast Dessert as I declared it:

Start with a Breakfast Dessert on a Saturday Morning and you never know where the day may lead...

Start with a Breakfast Dessert on a Saturday Morning and you never know where the day may lead…

Mr FD has led a rather quiet life since his knee replacement in late July, but today he was in dire need of an outing; so the supermarket plan was scrapped and we hit the road for an adventure.

The trail led us to the Jondaryan Woolshed, almost one hundred kilometres from our Viilage! The last time I had visited  the Woolshed, we were living in Toowoomba and our children were tiny. We all have memories of a daughter attempting to milk a cow only to be splattered by a rush of cow poo. Ahh the memories of childhood!

It has changed quite a bit, and now boasts a fine restaurant, where we had a  tasty burger accompanied by a lovely glass of wine. And a pot of tea!

A few pictures will tell the story better than mere words…

...and lunch

…and lunch

ST Anne's Church, Jondaryan

On the way we passed Saint Anne’s Church built in 1865 by the then owners of the Jondaryan Homestead. It is apparently identical to the church represented on the Australian fifty dollar bill. I haven’t seen a $50 note for awhile so can’t say if that is true!

One end of the Woolshed was staged for a wedding that evening. There were fairy lights hanging above beautifully set tables, and I am sure at night the atmosphere would be magical. Hopefully, the bride’s perfume will cover the aroma of wool fat that has seeped into the floors over the many decades the woodshed was an actual shearing shed! Lovely backdrop though.

We are going to try for groceries tomorrow…who knows where that might take us!

slow living and a Walk in the Woods

walk in the woods

We spent the afternoon walking the Appalachian Trail with Bill Bryson (aka Robert Redford) on our second 2015 staycation “slow fun day”. My sister joined Mr FD and I for lunch at an Austrian restaurant in The City, and an afternoon at the movies to see “A Walk in the Woods”. Both events were superb.

Sister and I chose bauern grostel (beef, chicken, onions, bacon and kipfler potato crisply pan-fried) whist Mr FD enjoyed a schnitzel. Our meals were washed down with glasses of almdudler – Austrian herbal infused lemonade. Huge meals that Sister and I struggled to finish.

“Walk in the Woods” was the perfect movie for our day out. The right mix of humour, pathos, self-discovery, love and beautiful photography of gorgeous landscapes.

We were all on a little happiness high during the journey homeward – and planning our third 2015 “slow fun day” during the next school vacation.  

Because in the end, you won’t remember the time you spent in the office or mowing your lawn. Climb that goddamn mountain.
—  Jack Kerouac