Street walking Tuesday

happiness in time in my garden

My walk today was filled with sounds. The sounds of all the different birds cooing, chirping and singing. The sounds of insects doing their insect best. The sound of someone having a singing lesson, which took a little more appreciation. The sounds of children having holiday fun… and holiday not quite fun.

I noticed the path meandering through the park. I have never walked the path as it is primarily a play park and I have not had little people to take there as yet. Today I almost stopped and detoured that way. I really wanted to, but estimated that it might actually shorten my walk and so resisted the urge. As I walked away I thought that perhaps I could include it in a circuit and double back and so in fact extend my walk while discovering the inside of the park. I really, really want to walk that little path. I suppose it is a little like life iteself; we start off on a path and for awile we stick to that path, and then our eyes open to the world and then curiosity sets in and we give in our instinct for the exploration, and the new, and the different, and hence we makes choices and venture to new lands. Tomorrow I shall take the path.

 I came back and pruned a hibiscus tree that had grown and grown and toured high above me, but had also grown sad and ugly. So I took my big pruners and lopped it back to about half a meter. I was very satisfied with my efforts and the hibiscus bowed beneath my hand and thanked me very politely. We parted as renewed friends.

 I watered my tomato and lettuce  plants. I am most proud of the little tomato plant that started as a seed that survived a turn in the compost bin and germinated in the pot along with the magnolia that I potted and despite my early indifference grew and has now produced three very yummy tomatoes. Can’t get much more sustainable than that! A recycled seed, home made compost, a shared pot, watered with rain water, no pesticides, just a little seasol  one day when I had some left over from ministering to some other plants. The feeling of being mother earth – priceless! A huge degree of satisfaction, achievement and happiness.

 But into every life a little rain must fall. We have to go to lunch with Mr FD’s parents and sister, and the parents carer as today is FIL’s 93rd birthday (testimony that only the good die young). A series of irritating calls has already taken place – one instructing us to become members of a sporting club because we would then get specials on other visits, despite the fact that we don’t visit sporting clubs unless we are with SIL. Stay  tuned….I wish I didn’t have too.

street walking

A lovely spring Sunday morning to walk . Today on my walk I discovered:

  • A fluffy brown persian cat on the footpath sneaking up on two galahs sneaking seeds off the road. The galahs took fright when they saw the cat, and the cat took fright when it saw me, and I laughed in the  warm sunlight with the light breeze.
  • The mushrooms were starting too shrivel and die not that the rain showers are decreasing. I guess that is the cycle of life.
  • I saw some ant trails across the earth footpath near the park. The soft earth had been disturbed as they built tunnels and homes I guess. It looked like a form of ancient writing and I stopped for a moment to see if I could decipher the meaning of life from their work words but nothing came to me. Their secret is safe for now.
  • The spring perfumes of the trees permeates my walk and it is fun trying to guess which particular tree or flower is the source of the joy.
  • I noticed that a practioner of traditional chinese medicine and acupunture has taken up residence in a nearby street. We have quite a few chinese nationals relocating to this area, the majority from Hong Kong. There are a number of such businesses in the area, all run from private homes.
  • I noted that I walked faster today over the same route.
  • I noted that I think I need the rountine of doing things in the same order each day to assist me to achieve them. Both days I have had breakfast and then gone for my walk. One sets in motion the other and so I don’t have to think about it so much and then I don’t have such an opporuntity to procrastinate and that as we know is my achilles heel.
  • I note that I think about what I do, why and how more already. Is this getting into the moment?
  • I am worried that all this is easy when I am on holidays. How to achieve it when school starts again in a week will be the challenge.