An email went out informing us that the maintenance men would be over once they finished “weed eating”. Of course it was meant to explain that they were snipping weeds, but I just had a vision of a row of old men lined up to plates of weeds. Weeds not weed.

The maintenance men were to come to the library to screw a soap dispenser on the wall. It had been attached with a sticky tape, but it fell off (surprise!), dispensing soap all over the floor. Staff reported the need for better fixings, but no one bothered to wipe up the soap (surprise!). I did, when I found the mess (surprise!).

I had two cleaning rags to wipe up the mess, which I then rinsed in the bathroom basin. It seemed like a never ending process as of course the soap just spread. Then I looked behind me, and all the soap that I had rinsed down the drain, was frothing up through the grate in the floor. As fast as I wiped it up and rinsed, it came back through the other end of the drain! I retreated and made tea.

The flamingo who came to live with us from the American branch of the family, has now taken up residence in my office. It can be seen through my glass walls, but not touched. I have had two teachers ask me why I have a pink flamingo in my office. I know, like anyone needs a reason to have a flamingo in their office! Fools must be suffered, so I tell them “he is my drinking partner”. No more questions.