no alcohol involved


I met Minerva the Library Aide in the shopping mall and we were walking towards the car park when Minerva announced that her mother had parked her car somewhere, but she didn’t know where. My car was closer so I offered to drive Minerva around the car park levels to locate her car.

We jumped onto a red two wheeled shopping trolley that I was ‘driving’ while Minerva sat behind. We were charging up a ramp and I was asking Minerva to tell me the way as the sun was in my eyes when we shot off the end of the ramp and started falling 10 storeys towards the ground.

Everything went into slow motion and I was thinking ‘I am facing my biggest fear’ which is a fear of heights, and seeing cement pavement below, but trees to the right and then knowing that I had to somehow glide us into a softer landing in the treetops.

We almost made it, falling against a paling fence that I somehow gripped with my fingertips. Minerva and I walked around to see where we could so easily have fallen onto the pavement and then realised that the shopping trolley and all our belongings had been taken.

My back was aching as we walked back through the shopping mall, where we met Minerva’s mother and Mr FD who sympathised with us, before we moved on to find out belongings sitting behind the check out. We complained to the store manager that the car ramp should have had a safety rail so the manager offered us compensation – a three pack of cleaning products!


Even my near death dream experiences suck!