evil winds blow

Condolences and prayers to the people of America suffering as a result of the recent destructive tornadoes.

This year, it seems the not a continent has escaped some type of natural disaster. Whether you believe in climate change or not, it does cause one to pause and wonder.

Certainly natural disasters happen all the time, but it does appear that they are happening more frequently and with greater intensity than in recent times. Whether that is reality, or a perception created from intense media coverage, will no doubt be borne out by scientific research as time goes by.

In the meantime, even if you are a non believer in climate change, does it hurt to be kind to our earth, by taking a little extra effort in your daily life?  Recycling helps society, not just the planet; turning off lights and other energy devices can save you money; walking instead of driving may help you live a healthier old age and  growing your own vegetables, or herbs not only reduces your footprint, but is so rewarding that I swear it is more beneficial than a day at an expensive spa!

It is a little like saying a few prayers just in case there really is a God – what have you got to lose? Keep your own patch clean and we all benefit – what have you got to lose?

Quite a bit if climate change is accelerated by humankind”s activities…

Having experienced a close encounter with the flooding in Queensland earlier this year, I can honestly say, that had I ever had any doubt about the power of nature, I would have none now!When a disaster is on your doorstep, when your family and friends are killed, or suffer as a result, then it is too late to regret all the steps that you could have taken, that maybe, just maybe, might have made a difference, however small.

Take that action now, for all our sakes – think about our homes, think about our earth and do something positive. Just as every journey starts with the first step, so does our support of our earth.  Start today.

Small changes make big differences.