sign of the times

list 1

Upon first seeing this photograph, my initial thought was, what good is a grocery list on a wall when I am in the supermarket? Then I realised, I could take a photo of the wall and have it in my iPhone, and voila, no more lists left at home!

Of course I would have to remember to take the photo in the first instance. And make sure I had my phone. And make sure it was charged.

Maybe I will just shop online.


Q: If you did write your list on your wall, would you include things like tampons, condoms, incontinence pads  and haemorrhoid cream?


Do you like dinosaurs?


Dinosaur: Human size chart


I have to admit that I have never had an up close and personal relationship with a dinosaur, but I do suspect that I may not like them. Please do not tell my granddaughter that, as she is presently quite enraptured by them and goes to the bed each night after dancing the Dino Stomp with her parents, and Grandma when I am present.

I mean they don’t appear to be really loveable. Can’t see cuddling with a dinosaur in bed as a real option. Might be why cats and dogs remain, and dinosaurs are no more…

Can they participate in an interesting conversation? Hold their own in a book club? Know which fork to use first? Choose a good wine? I suspect not.

Do they leave the toilet seat up? Do they even use a toilet seat?

Are they going to be quiet when I want to sleep in? Can they tip toe?

They just seem to tromp and stomp and roar and eat. And their colour range seems severely limited.

I don’t know; not thinking likeable, people. Can you mount an argument in their favour?


A list of things I like




The colour blue.

Our dog.

Driving in my car and listening to audio books.




Wearing infinity scarves.

Eating breakfast out.

A window with a view.

Lying in bed listening to the birds in our trees.

A long warm shower

Ankle boots

Time alone

The number 7

Holding my granddaughter’s hands as she bounces on the bed

Fresh flowers

Wearing long tunic tops and leggings.

Staying in my PJs all day.

Plum jam and bacon on toast.

this herdwick looking smart



and this

and this

and this balloon

and this balloon

Massaged Kale Salad with Asparagus, Asiago, and Bacon

This, the title claims, is Massaged Kale Salad with Asparagus, Asiago, and Bacon.

How does one massage kale?

If the salad was titled Beaten Kale Salad with Asparagus, Asiago, and Bacon, would it taste somehow different?

Does it have to be massaged? Can I just stroke it a little?

What if the neighbours see me massaging my kale?

What will the children think?


[For those who desire massaging their kale, I believe the recipe is thus : Link ]

It’s all still random to me

More images that just “spoke to me”. And no, I did not speak back. Well, maybe just a thought or two…

Maybe I should start a contest, and you can tell me what the hell is going on inside my head!

Remember though, I carry a big stick.


Excuse me, over here, I have a couple of questions to ask…


good girl


Why do blessings wear a disguise? Are they ashamed about how long they took to turn up?

Why is it “greedy” to eat the last piece of cake, but okay to have more than one piece before that?

What is this normal that is we all talk about?

What is “average”?

Why do we say “it is just black and white”, when we know it never is?

Why are we frightened by change?

Who invented working at a job, for life?

Why do men still wear ties?

Why is there a “silent p” as in psychology?

Why would my mother never listen to anything that I, her child with three university degrees, explained to her, but she would staunchly believe any silly thing she heard on TV, or read in the newspaper?

Why do we wear what is “fashionable” when it doesn’t suit us?

Who gets to decide what is fashionable, anyway? And do they wear it when it is fashionable?

And once everyone is doing, wearing, or going to the fashionable, why is it no longer fashionable?

Why is it called “going commando”? Have you ever seen a commando without pants?

Why is it called the “jolly roger”? There is nothing jolly about being attacked by a pirate ship.

Why does growing up suck so much?

What is the difference between planning in detail and procrastination?

Why could I never blow bubble gum bubbles?


What things would you never do?

eye peep

How long have you got?

  1. Nothing to do with heights. So that means, hot air ballooning, bungee jumping, climbing the Sydney Harbour Bridge, or mountains above three meters in height. Should I go on?
  2. Wear a mini skirt. Been there, wore the skirt. Knees now say no. Enough said.
  3. Have dinner with any member of the Australian Liberal Party (equivalent of USA’s Republican Party). It would end in mass murder.
  4. Marry Prince Charles.
  5. Eat an eyeball.
  6. Tell my children which one is my “favourite”. (I am so self centred that I am actually my favourite! It would break their hearts to know…actually, I think they do already!)
  7. Travel around Australia with Mr FD in a caravan. (That idea has divorce court written all over it!)
  8. Run through the jungle (Ooopps, that one slipped in, Mr FD is listening to Credence Clearwater Revival in the next room). I would never “run” anywhere, full stop.
  9. Take up line dancing.
  10. Get a tattoo. I am sorry, I just think they look sad on old people, and we all get old sometime.  Saggy, baggy, faded.
  11. Holiday with a sister in law.


What things would you never do?