a good journey is worth retracing

Dinner back on the beach, at sunset.

Predinner drinks - mine was a Pimm's

Predinner drinks – mine was a Pimm’s



Dinner 3

An arrogant little wine chilling for tomorrow. The succulent prop was found lying on the path outside the beach restaurant, so it came home to be divided into two patio pots for Daughter2. Never let a free plant go by.

Baby update: Peppercorn is progressing well, putting on weight every day. Her Mum has blood pressure issues and so they are still in hospital. Might be home tomorrow..or the next day.

Another day, another Western Australian beach…

Fremantle 3

Lunch at the Beach – Salt on the Beach, Fremantle, Western Australia, to be exact!

http://onthebeach.net.auI wanted to stare at the view, but to do so, I had to look across the table closest to the door and they might have thought I was stalking them, so I garnered a view when I hoped they were not noticing. Love the ombré sea.

Salt on the Beach 3

I had the prawn and watermelon salad with cashews, but there was just too much something, including coriander, for my taste buds. The four prawns were lovely. I wished that I had stayed with my original selection which was the fish and chips. Fish and chips when by the sea, naturally.


Salt on the Beach 2

Mr FD chose the salt and pepper squid, which he really enjoyed.

Lunch digesting, we garnered a closer view of the Indian Ocean.


Fremantle 1

Fremantle 2