car Meadows Frisky 1958 to 1961

Saturday I was prostrate on the floor. I found it the best position to build block towers to knock over, pour imaginary tea from musical tea pots, read story books, sing songs, and tickle toes with Petite Fille.

I also introduced her to the thrill of sitting in a the laundry basket as Grandma pushed or pulled it around the floor, making car horn honking noises, and ordering Mummy and Daddy out of the way!

Petite Fille is almost nine months old and has six teeth, and learnt to pull herself up to a standing position this week. It is a grand life!

And the most amazing thing of all? I could still walk on Sunday!

enough already

It started as a little annoyance, and now it is just full blown hatred. I am talking about the ads they run at the top of my blog or underneath my latest post. It is not so much the fact that they run the ads, I don’t mind that because WordPress allows me a free blog as a result.

No, my beef is with the content of the ads. It is obvious that when I go online shopping or window shopping that they are tracking me and next time I visit my blog those online stores appear on my blog, usually advertising the items I have either purchased online or clicked on for a closer view and rejected.

Why invade my privacy this way? And why the hell would you waste time showing me items I have already purchased? Damn stupid strategy. I am not going to blog about the ads on my blog, because you are obviously seeing something related to your online habits. It hardly seems like a smart strategy to me.

Surely it would be smarted to show me something new and entice me to spend more money I don’t have?

Can online advertising go on a stick list?