Sunday baking – jam doughnut muffins!

Jam Doughnut Muffins


  • 300g (2 cups) self-raising flour
  • 2/3 cup caster sugar (works well with raw sugar also)
  • 80ml (1/3 cup) vegetable oil (I use canola)
  • 1 large egg
  • 175ml milk (I used soy)
  • 1 tsp vanilla extract
  • A good-quality jam (I used plum jam)
  •  ground cinnamon sugar to sprinkle

Preheat oven to 180°C and grease a 12-hole muffin pan.

  1. Sift the flour into a medium bowl, then the caster sugar.
  2. In a jug, combine the vegetable oil, egg, milk and vanilla extract.
  3. Add to the dry mixture and stir to only just combine.
  4. Place a spoonful of the mixture in each muffin hole and make an indent in the centre. Fill each indent with a generous 1/2 teaspoon of jam.
  5. Cover the jam with the remaining muffin mixture,
  6. Sprinkle with cinnamon sugar and bake for 20 minutes.
  7.  Remove from the oven and set aside to cool slightly (jam is very hot so be strong and wait for muffins to cool).


Starting at sundown, combine the following into a batter and incubate overnight until sunrise.

1 cup of Bio-Bubble
1 cup untreated rain water
2 cups organic wholemeal bread flour
40-50 grams pure honey
1 small dash of unrefined sea saltAt sunrise add the following to make a dough, knead and incubate all day until sundown.

1 heaped teaspoon unrefined sea salt
1 tablespoon extra virgin cold pressed olive oil
2 heaped teaspoons organic flax seed
1 heaped tablespoon organic poppy seed
1 heaped tablespoon organic caraway seed (optional)
1 heaped tablespoon organic rosemary, fennel seed of coriander seed (optional)
2 cups wholemeal flour, enough to make a moist dough. Bakers choice of wheat, rye or spelt.

An hour before sundown insert hearth rock or fire bricks in over and preheat for at least an hour to 200C. Knead dough into a round loaf and score, lightly, for expansion. Flour heath and set loaf on hearth to bake for approximately 40-50 minutes, or until center is barely baked. Air cool. This bread should have a crust.

Theory behind 24 hour bread

The purpose of this bread if to bring the flour to life from its inert condition as grain.l This is a simple method that starts with finely ground whole grain flour. It can take place of the more cumbersome method of malting (sprouting, drying and grinding) whole grain to make the dough.

One of the reasons people have trouble digesting bread and develop allergies to protein rich grains such as wheat is that these grains in their inert state contain phytic acid which inhibits uptake of minerals, especially magnesium and zinc.

Enrenfired Pfeiffer’s chronmatographic research into breads and bread baking suggests that flours needs to ferment as a dough for 12 to 16 hours for phytic acid to be destroyed and the resulting bread to be digestible.

Bio-Bubble serves to mediate and provide microbial support, much as plant juices – or even the clay in the soil – do. This balance between the digestive processes of lime (CaO) and the ripening processes of silica.

The result is a rich, flavourful bread that surmounts the three chief problems most people have with breads – phtic acid, yeast and undigested gluten. Phytates block absorption of magnesium and zinc. Yeasts exacerbate Candida problems and undigested gluten triggers allergies.

What is Bio-Bubble™?  Mr FD and I drink Bio-Bubble every day. It tastes like ginger beer! I find it helps with my diverticulitis by maintaining a healthy balance of “good guys” in the bowel!
Bio-Bubble™ is a fizzy, fermented probiotic powerhouse, featuring food-based antioxidants, amino acids, vitamins, enzymes and billions of beneficial micro-organisms per serve.


“This defence food offers probiotic support that is far more potent than many of the task-specific probiotics. This is a fizzy, fermented liquid derived from the microbial digestion of eight organic cereal grains and several legumes including alfalfa and soy beans. Probiotics involve a numbers game where the aim is to overwhelm the ‘bad’ guys with the ‘good’ guys and you will see that the benefits can extend far beyond bio-balancing.

Bio-Bubble link here

another day in paradise

Well, maybe not paradise, but a pretty good imitation. Friday again too! Two weeks down at St Mary’s of the Middle Class Ladies.

Today we had a fire evacuation. We didn’t know at the time, but a candle in the art room had triggered the fire alarm. We just heard the alarms and knew we had to head for the oval, which we did.

The girls in the library, which is on the second floor, but up three flights of stairs, headed down one floor, but instead of going down the final flight to the ground, they walked the entire length of the building like a herd of cows and then bottle necked at the end staircase.

I turned to the lead teacher and said “shouldn’t we go that way”, pointing to a shorter route, and then the teacher grabbed about 4 girls and went the shorted way. I stood blinking a moment, with about 50 girls milling at the top of the stairs, and so yelled in my best teacher voice for them all to turn around and march down the shorter way. Eventually I got them to the oval and lined up in place for the roll to be called.

One would have thought that they would have had drills in the past and the teachers would react better than they did (well, some actually did) but it didn’t seem a very well run exercise. Luckily there was no real fire, just smoke, and the two fire engines that were called were in fact not required.Where is my damn stick when I need it? No fried girls today, at least!

Tonight was also the school’s Senior formal (like a prom) for the year 12 students. They were joining with the local boys school for the celebrations. I overhead a group of girls listing the alcohol that they had “bought” for the after party. One girl, a willow wisp of a child, said she was taking two bottles of rum!

I did the teacher thing and spoke to the girls, reminding them that they were under 18, the legal drinking age, and I also reminded them that “not very nice things happen to girls who drink”, such as sexual assault. I know it won’t stop them, but at least I feel as though I did my teacher’s best.

Why rum? Why such hard spirits? Tiny young girls, who I am sure wouldn’t have eaten very much all day, why do they want to drink such hard drink? When are young girls going to realise that being off your face drunk is not sexy at all? It is also not grown up. It is sad and pathetic. Same old story.

Anyway, they are out in their pretty new dresses, thinking this is the night of their life, but in fact it is just one night of their life. I am in my bed, and about to close my computer and switch off the light.

Tomorrow is another weekend.  Enjoy.

you know you are getting old when…

… the man who used to be on your children’s morning television show (Play School), and you thought was kind of cute,  is now doing ads for funeral insurance (APIA Funeral Insurance) ! And sadly, so is Jan (Jan Kingsbury) from Play School!

Jan is the the blonde in the multicoloured top. Now she worries about paying for her husband’s funeral…sad in more ways than one!

sing, sing a song…

I am having a wonderful time at St Mary’s of the Middle Class Ladies. The staff have been very kind and gracious, giving me lots of very positive feedback regarding my efforts too. What’s not to love, though?

I have a greater ICT focus that their usual librarian, who is very much an old school librarian, to the degree that one of the deputy principals (there are 4) joked about looking in the library for pieces of parchment on which to write book orders! Once a week I send around a newsletter describing and linking to all sorts of online resources, to the teachers, and the ground swell is that they are very excited about all the new things they are learning. It is nice to have a positive impact and to help people do their own jobs better!

The students are lovely. There are some real characters. One girl must be on some kind of medication, for she speaks very very fast and never sits still, but she is well behaved. She shook hands with me when she introduced herself! She is just 14 years old!

I was informed today that I have to lead the prayer at the staff meeting in a week or two. I have to come up with some kind of prayer, or quote for everyone to focus on. Yes, it has occurred to me as well, that they may live to regret that decision! Maybe I should just lead a chorus of kumbaya!

Speaking of singing, earlier this week we had choir practice for the school mass later this week. The songs were quite lively and we got a rockin’, well the teachers did trying to motivate the students into singing! We may have made fools of ourselves. Not me, the others. We all know it is impossible for me to make a fool of myself, even if I try! Anyway, my point is that hymns are much happier these days, rather than the funeral dirges we sang when I was in the school choir.

It was kind of nice to sit and listen to the young voices singing for awhile. Very peaceful, and strangely calming, but then music is like that, isn’t it? Religious or not, music does speak to the soul. And I am sure that if I hadn’t sold my soul to the devil long ago (we all know my evilosity and its capabilities) my soul would have been deeply moved .

Now, if they were singing about me…that might be something altogether different!

a money tree for ye, and ye and ye…

I came across the following discussion point by Corvida Raven and for something that I thought would be easy to answer, it has gone on to puzzle me all day.

If you woke up today and money ceased to exist, what is the first thing you would do? Why?

Money is a motivating factor in a lot of actions people take on a daily basis. What if money didn’t exist? What would you do then?

Let’s NOT get into the technicalities of how removing money from the world would change things. This Conversation is SPECIFICALLY about the FIRST thing you would do if money ceased to exist today and why you would do that particular thing.

Looking forward to hearing your thoughts.

Honestly, the first thing I would do was make sure every person in the world had a chicken in their pot every day; or in other words I would make sure people no longer went hungry.

Then I started to think about a world without money and I began to wonder just what would happen in a moneyless society. Logic suggests we would revert back to a barter system most probably, but I wonder if we would want to “work”?

What would motivate us to do anything? Would we only do what we needed for survival? If so, would we care about others? Or would we care about others even more, because if we needed to barter, we would need the goods and services of those people.

Do you think society would be better or worse?

feet first

I was having a lovely  weekend, being the model of domesticity and earth mother. I even decided to roast organic chicken to store for wraps for lunches this week. Talk about superiority!

That was until I spilled hot oil from the roasting pan onto the top of my bare foot. There may have been some chicken dancing around the kitchen after that, and it wasn’t the chicken that did it.

I did the run cold water water, apply ice and then apply aloe vera oil to the burn area, and that appears to be holding back and blistering, but it is rather sore right now.

This is the second time in a matter of weeks that I have injured a foot. This is my left foot, the other time it was my right foot.

On that occasion a carving knife flipped out of the dishwasher and stabbed my toe. It must have hit on a major vein for blood spurted all over the kitchen floor. Mr FD was most worried that I would disappear or die and when they did the blue light blood search trick they would discover blood all over the kitchen and he would get blamed… tantalising thought.

However, I wrote the tale in an email to Daughter2, and being a lawyer she wrote back and said that she would keep my email as evidence on behalf of her father. Lawyers are no fun.

Perhaps I need to start wearing steel capped boots in the kitchen? No doubt a good look with a frilly apron!

not so gentle reminders

I was reminded of a couple things today.

The first thing was that Mr FD can still outsmart me on the odd occasion. Mr FD wondered aloud why his wife/slave was not making him a Saturday morning breakfast and was answered with “because I am working again.” He appeared to accept the answer and wandered back into the kitchen to cook some eggs.

A few minutes later he called from the kitchen requesting I watch his pan while he made an urgent visit to the bathroom. Assuming his eggs were in danger of burning I put down my book and grumbled my way out to the kitchen.

I found a frying pan heating on the stove, but there was nothing in the pan! Mr FD could simply have switched the stove off until his return. Instead, I ended up cooking his eggs, which just happened to be ready and waiting when he reappeared.

I didn’t tell him what I may, or may not have added to the cooking eggs…but if evil thoughts could end lives, Mr FD may not last the night.

The second thing I learnt was at the hairdressers. I don’t know if they over booked, or simply mistimed things, but they were already running late when I arrived for my appointment. I waited to be taken in, then when she washed my hair she parked me for another 20 minutes while she finished another customer’s hair.

I was getting a little annoyed, well a lot annoyed, but decided there was nothing I could really do so tried a few mediation techniques and calmed myself into the moment. When the stylist returned she proceed to give me an extra long head massage when I really wanted to say “skip it and get on with the cutting”, but politeness won, if only just.

So three hours later I am at the desk making my next appointment, ready to flee like a giselle from the salon and reclaim what was left of my Saturday, when the stylist starts to thank me profusely for being so patient and not complaining and how she appreciated me waiting so calmly for her. She then gave me a $20 discount!

The day’s lessons weren’t over yet, dear friends.

Mr FD brought home a copy of Dr Carole Hungerford’s book Good Health in the 21st Century last night (it is one of the book titles we stock on our website, and he had been to the warehouse and picked up a copy). Just reading it while I waited at the hairdressers made me feel not only optimistic, that I was doing something positive with my life, but I also started to think of some healthier versions of the meals I was planning to cook this weekend.

Stopping at the supermarket to collect a few things I found myself buying organic meat and produce despite the extra cost. A Flamingo Dancer deserves only the best of course! Standing at the checkout, I was feeling really good about myself, and that is when I had another lesson, for I reached over and purchased a cloth bag for my groceries. I have a pile of cloth bags at home, but if I forget to take them to the supermarket I usually just accept plastic bags. Today I paid for yet another bag, instead.

My healthy food made me feel happy about myself, and in that state of mind I was more thoughtful of the earth. My joy is joy to the world (yes, I can hear the music too).

So, what did I learn?

Well, from Mr FD that sometimes you just have to admit defeat and retreat, to return to fight another day! One thing about marriage is that you know that there always will be a chance for revenge on another day!

My hairdresser reminded me that what goes around comes around. And maybe the meek really will inherit the earth, or at least cheaper hair cuts! I have to admit that I did get some quality reading time in too!

And that led me to my third lesson and perhaps the most important, and that is; when I care about myself, I care about others. Feeling happy, positive and proactive about my own life made me consider my environment as well, and that is a win, win for everyone.

Not bad for one Saturday, I say.