Weekend afterglow

I had such a lovely weekend, I am still enjoying the glow of it days later. Nothing special, just nice…

First a trip to a new hairdresser with whom I was well pleased

Then a visit to the only shoe shop in The Village resulted in a new pair of shoes

And some grocery shopping

Before returning home and being surprised by a visit from Augie Dog’s breeder who dropped off a copy of his family tree (he is a pure British Golden Retriever, not an American, apparently they have different facial features – you tell me!)

Then next day, Daughter 1 and Mr Boy phoned and said they were driving out for the day, so I rang my sister and BIL and invited them to lunch as well.

afterwards we walked around our garden

before we enjoyed the simple joy of eating ice cream

Then after our family guests had left, there was still time for a nap, as we were exhausted from being nice.

A forerunner of the holidays starting in 10 days. Roll on I say!

4 thoughts on “Weekend afterglow

  1. A Goddess is under no obligation to be nice; but if she is, and spends an entire weekend being thus, she certainly deserves a languid, lacey, hair-strewn nap.


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