Augie luv

Last night I was sleeping in bed when Augie did a flying leap into the bed and ended up on my head. Yes, he has learned he can jump onto beds and couches.

This morning I cut my finger on his pet food can

Then Augie was sitting at my feet and playing with his rubber duckie when he bit my toe in his excitement.

I luv owning a puppy.

8 thoughts on “Augie luv

  1. I think the dog owns you, not the reverse. At least (with some training) he’ll come when you call him. Call a cat, and they’ll say “leave a message and I’ll get back to you.” Ratty


  2. I share your joy at owning a puppy, only ours now weighs about 30 kg and her playfulness threatens to break my bones. She dragged a wallaby home yesterday which pleased Mrs GOF greatly because the wobberlies have chewed all her garden daylilies to death.


  3. I suppose that’s why my family always had cats. Although, they can jump on your head in bed and bite your toes, too. They just leave less of a dent!


  4. please say that he’s got regular teeth and not those mini-razor blades they have when teeth first come in.

    i was just admiring 2 LARGE cat scratches on my body which I don’t even remember getting – that’s how often they occur!


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